• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Heroin users may develop skin infections and abscesses, especially those users who inject the drug who sustain scarred or collapsed veins.
  • Ecstasy pills can be found for as little as $1, although most European countries are reporting tablets being sold for anywhere from $6 to $15. Ecstasy in the U.S. can run up to $30 per pill in some markets.
  • Drinkers between the ages of 18 and 24 have the highest rates of co-occurring alcohol and other drug use disorders.
  • Individuals who become dependent to marijuana dont typically contact public or private treatment services because they are either unaware of their existence, do not consider themselves dependent or feel these services are not designed for their specific needs.
  • In Europe, some Ecstasy tablets which can be purchased for as little as '1, but typical retail prices of Ecstasy are sold in the range of '3 to '9 per tablet.
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Specialized in Hiv/Aids Patients

It is nuncommon]]] fsomeone]]] with HIV/AIDS to end up an addiction]rehab]program]receiving]]] help fsevere]]] addictiproblems]]Sometimes]people]]] who abuse drugs and alcohol are predisposed to such diseasbecause of]]] certain circumstances which afflict the drug culture such as sharing dirneedles]]] to inject drugs becoming involved]]] in risky sexual behavior because of lowered sexual inhibitions caused by drug use. Persons with HIV/AIshould have]]] effectitreatment]]] just like any otherwise healthy addictindividual]]Drug]rehabilitation]programs]]] that accept and cater to persons with HIV/AIoffer]]] specialized care to address any health issues that may come up in the course of treatment. This way, any physical barriers rehabilitation]]] aresolved]]] so that they cconquer]]] their addictionce and for all]]].

Specialized in Hiv and Aids Patients category listings in Arcola, Pennsylvania:

  • Family House
    6.6 miles from Arcola, Pennsylvania
    Family House is a Drug Abuse Rehab Program that is located at:

    901 Dekalb Street
    Norristown, PA. 19401

    Treatment Services: Substance Abuse Programs, Residential Long-Term Treatment that is 30 days or longer, Co-Occurring Mental with Substance Abuse Issues, Specialized in Hiv/Aids Patients, Specialized in Alternative Lifestyle, Caters to Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women Only, Residential Beds For Clients with Children, Criminal Justice Client Programs
    Payment Options: Self Pay (Out of Pocket), Medicaid Coverage, Private or Personal Health Insurance