• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Adolescents who drink alcohol are more likely to have poor or failing grades, higher absence rates and social problems, such as fighting and lack of participation in youth activities.
  • During 2004, nearly 3 million Americans reported non-medical use of prescription stimulants in the past year.
  • A small decrease in use was observed among high school seniors who reported use of flavored alcoholic beverages, dropping from 53.4% 2009 to 47.9% in 2010.
  • In Europe, some Ecstasy tablets which can be purchased for as little as '1, but typical retail prices of Ecstasy are sold in the range of '3 to '9 per tablet.
  • Individuals high on PCP may experience severe mood disorders and amnesia may also occur.
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Caters to Pregnant/Postpartum Women

When pregnant/postpartum women nedrug or alcohol]rehabilitation]]] there aseveral]issues]]] unique to their situation thmust]]] be addressed. Thparticular]]] group of addicted persons faces not only the personal shame of their addiction but also the reality of what their unhealthy choices may have caused their childreSubstance abuse rehabilitation]]] for pregnant/postpartum womoften]]] requirfacilities]]] that are both individualized and flexible in thetreatment]]] plaWhile]]] tlength of stay]]] may vary depending on the womanparticular]]] needs it understood]]] that the longer a persstays]]] in treatment the better their chance a successful recovery]]]. Maprograms]]] for pregnant/postpartum womcan run long-term for six months or more]]].

Caters to Pregnant and Postpartum Women category listings in Canton, Pennsylvania:

  • Williamsport Family Medical Center LLC
    28.9 miles from Canton, Pennsylvania
    Williamsport Family Medical Center LLC is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab that is located at:

    2062 Lycoming Creek Road
    Williamsport, PA. 17701

    Treatment Services: Substance Abuse Programs, Outpatient Treatment, Caters to Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women Only, Men Only
    Payment Options: Self Pay (Out of Pocket), Medicaid Coverage