• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Binge drinking rates among college students is about 32 percent lower, 36 percent compared to 53 percent, in the 10 states which have the lowest rates of adult binge drinking compared to the ten states with the highest.
  • Amphetamines have a chemical structure similar to adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are stimulants produced by the human body.
  • If an individual wishes to get off of fentanyl and stop the cycle of addiction, a drug detox facility can help them through detox and withdrawal and a drug rehab can properly treat the individual for addiction.
  • The substances that are most commonly detected in drug overdose post-mortem examinations are opiates, but they are not usually the only substance that is found in the body.
  • Individuals whose clinic gives them enough methadone to last one week, or even up to one month, commonly sell their excess prescribed methadone on the street in the illicit drug market.
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Men Only

Drug rehabilitation centers made solely for men are emerging across the country. While rehab programs that work with both men and women are still the standard for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, many rehab centers are creating programs intended to help a particular target group. These centers are able to focus on what their client's personal needs are in a way that standard programs are not. While these specialized types of rehab programs may not be needed for all recovering addicts, many men are selecting men-only addiction rehab centers. This treatment option is best suited for those who feel more comfortable with those of the same sex when discussing private and often difficult memories from the past. Addiction recovery is a challenging process for every addict and finding comfort among one's peer group is a very good way of getting the support needed to make the process that much more endurable.

Men Only category listings in Maywood, Illinois:

  • Banyan Treatment Center IL LLC
    Banyan Treatment Center IL LLC is a Substance Abuse Treatment Program that is located at:

    50 South Main Street
    Naperville, IL. 60540

    Treatment Services: Substance Abuse Programs, Outpatient Treatment, Co-Occurring Mental with Substance Abuse Issues, Specialized in Hiv/Aids Patients, Women Only, Men Only, Criminal Justice Client Programs
    Payment Options: Self Pay (Out of Pocket), Private or Personal Health Insurance
  • Garfield Counseling Center Inc
    Garfield Counseling Center Inc is an Addiction Recovery Facility that is located at:

    4132 West Madison Street
    Chicago, IL. 60624

    Treatment Services: Substance Abuse Programs, Outpatient Treatment, Caters to Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women Only, Men Only, Dui/Dwi Offender Programs
    Payment Options: Self Pay (Out of Pocket), Medicaid Coverage, Private or Personal Health Insurance, Income Based Payment (Sliding Scale), Payment Assistance (based on Facility)
  • Living Trees Center Inc
    Living Trees Center Inc is a Drug Rehab Center that is located at:

    3801 West 63rd Street
    Chicago, IL. 60629

    Treatment Services: Substance Abuse Programs, Outpatient Treatment, Specialized in Alternative Lifestyle, Seniors/Older Adult Services, Women Only, Men Only, Dui/Dwi Offender Programs, Criminal Justice Client Programs, Spanish Services
    Payment Options: Self Pay (Out of Pocket), Income Based Payment (Sliding Scale)