• Drug Overdose Facts
  • In 2007, nearly 64% of the inhalant drug rehab admissions were men.
  • A study conducted at publicly funded HIV testing sites in California concluded that HIV-positive gay males may be more likely than HIV-negative gay males to use methamphetamine, and some were likely to use it during sex.
  • Crystal meth addicts often exchange sex for the drug, exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
  • In Europe, some Ecstasy tablets which can be purchased for as little as '1, but typical retail prices of Ecstasy are sold in the range of '3 to '9 per tablet.
  • Inhalant abuse may result in a variety of mind-altering effects; some of which can be irreversible.
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Hospital Inpatient Programs

Hospital inpatiedrug or alcohol]treatment]]] performed]]] in a hospitsetting]]] and overseen]]] by doctors and other medical staff. Hospital inpatient treatment sometimes]]] necessary in the beginning stages of abstinence when tclient]]] mexperience]]] the onset medically dangerous]]] withdrawal symptoms, which is sometimtrue]]] when quitting alcohol as well as a category of prescription drugs known as benzodiazepines whimust]]] monitored]]] very carefully by medical professionain case of any]]] complications. Hospital inpatient treatment is aldelivered]]] those]]] wchoose to undergo]]] medication assisted withdrawal, as is the case wiopiate addicted individuals who]]] wish to use this type detoxification]approach]]] avoid]]] tsevere]]] withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin or other opiate withdrawal. This type of opiadetoxification]]] is ntreatment in itself however,]]] and thepeople]]] wirequire]further]]] counseling and therapy completely]]] recover from addiction.

Hospital Inpatient Programs category listings in Rochester, New Hampshire:

  • Frisbie Memorial Hospital
    Frisbie Memorial Hospital is an Addiction Recovery Program that is located at:

    11 Whitehall Road
    Rochester, NH. 3867

    Treatment Services: Hospital Inpatient Programs, Seniors/Older Adult Services, Specialized in Hearing Impaired Clients
    Payment Options: Self Pay (Out of Pocket), Medicaid Coverage, Medicare Coverage, Private or Personal Health Insurance