• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Hashish is often compressed and made into a "brick".
  • Cocaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid which can be extracted from the leaves of the coca shrub, which was originally found in the Andes Mountains of Peru and Bolivia.
  • Chronic abuse of alcohol can cause damage to the cells lining the stomach and intestines, blocking the absorption and breakdown of nutrients in those organs.
  • Ecstasy use can result in an extremely high body temperature which can lead to a severe heat stroke. This condition may or not be able to be treated, which is the leading cause of death among individuals who die with Ecstasy in their system.
  • Consuming alcohol and Opana at the same time, particularly when taken in extended release form, can be extremely dangerous and is potentially fatal.
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Men Only

Drug and alcohol rehab programs made solely for men are emerging across the country. While rehab facilities that treat both men and women continue to be the standard for drug rehabilitation, many rehab centers are creating programs intended to help a specific target group. These centers are able to focus on what their client's individual needs are in a way that standard programs are not. While these specialized types of rehab programs may not be necessary for all recovering addicts, many men are selecting men-only drug treatment programs. This rehabilitation option is ideal for those who feel more comfortable with those of the same sex when discussing private and often difficult memories from the past. Addiction recovery is a challenging process for every addict and finding comfort among one's peer group is an excellent way of receiving the support needed to make the process that much more endurable.

Men Only category listings in Whitefish, Montana:

  • Kalispell CBOC
    18.4 miles from Whitefish, Montana
    Kalispell CBOC is a Drug Rehabilitation Center that is located at:

    31 Three Mile Drive
    Kalispell, MT. 59901

    Treatment Services: Substance Abuse Programs, Outpatient Treatment, Women Only, Men Only
    Payment Options: Self Pay (Out of Pocket), Private or Personal Health Insurance
  • Mills Spring Counseling PLLC
    39.8 miles from Whitefish, Montana
    Mills Spring Counseling PLLC is a Drug Treatment Program that is located at:

    99 Mills Spring Road
    Eureka, MT. 59917

    Treatment Services: Substance Abuse Programs, Residential Short-Term Treatment that is 30 days or less, Adolescents (18 and under), Co-Occurring Mental with Substance Abuse Issues, Specialized in Hiv/Aids Patients, Seniors/Older Adult Services, Caters to Pregnant/Postpartum Women, Women Only, Men Only, Criminal Justice Client Programs
    Payment Options: