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  • "Ecstasy" is another term used for MDMA, which short for 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine.
  • Ecstasy use is particularly common in the gay community for example, where individuals will typically use the drug in combination with other illicit or prescription drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ketamine, Viagra, etc. as part of a multi-drug experience.
  • When a life-threatening drug overdose is the result of a drug addiction problem, an individual should receive substance abuse treatment as soon as possible.
  • Even though methadone is commonly used in treating heroin addiction, a large percentage of methadone patients end up needing treatment for methadone addiction.
  • Among male high school aged youth in the U.S., African-Americans are more likely to use marijuana compared to those of other races.
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Information and Images of Cocaine and It's Use

Cocaine, or coke as it is sometimes called, is a narcotic which comes from the coca plant. In its original form, it is a white powdered substance. However, depending on how it is used, its appearance may vary.

Powdered Cocaine

When powdered cocaine is used, it is normally snorted or smoked. When smoked, it is laced on either marijuana or tobacco depending on the high desired. Powdered coke can also be liquified, in order for the user to inject the drug into their vein. Addicts normally use cocaine this way for an immediate high, however this is often short lived. With cocaine, the more intense a high is, the shorter it will last. For instance, lacing marijuana and tobacco with cocaine, will result in a less intense high than when injecting the drug. However, the high achieved from smoking will last a bit longer.

The High

The high which cocaine provides upon onset is a sort of euphoria, followed by somewhat odd behavior. The euphoric feeling results from dopamines in the brain which cause a feeling of reward and pleasure. It is not uncommon for two individuals to respond to cocaine in different ways, after smoking the very same variation of the drug. Behavior can vary from relaxed to erratic, depending on how the brain reacts. One thing is for certain however, cocaine is very addictive, leading users to chase the drug soon after the high begins to wear off. Powdered cocaine is normally sold in grams. Buyers can purchase small amounts, however its normally in the increments of a gram, i.e. 1/4g., 1/2g etc.

Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is a cooked version of cocaine which is normally smoked, but can be used to lace marijuana and cigarettes as well. It provides an intense euphoric feeling, more so than powder, also having a harder crash than powder cocaine users as well. Crack cocaine is available in a hard rock, which is usually a yellowish or white color. This is merely because it is cooked with other chemicals which cause the color changes. Chemicals which are mixed with powder cocaine to make crack are baking soda, ammonia, and even B12. It really depends on the person who is cooking the coke, and what they believe to be the best way to achieve a potent product. If crack cocaine is not sold in a solid rock, it may be available in "pebbles" or what looks like "crumbs". When sold this way, it is usually the remnants which are left from a solid piece of crack which was broken down. Crack rocks are sold in different sizes- with street names of "eight ball", and "kilo".

Cocaine Images

The following images depict cocaine in its powdered form, when cooked up, and other pictures relevant to its use. It is important to understand that the appearance of the drug can vary, however these depictions are among the most common. These pictures are in no way intended to entice users, or nonusers for that matter- but to at the very least provide an illustration of the drug in various forms, and how it is used.

Coca Plant

This is an image of the coca plant, from which cocaine is derived. Though it is green in color, cocaine does come from its leaves. For those who would like to see video of the actual process, you may visit

Powdered Cocaine

This is the original form of cocaine which is derived from the coca plant. It is the first form of the drug which gained popularity on the streets, before crack cocaine swept the nation.

How Cocaine is Snorted

When cocaine addicts use powdered cocaine, it is often snorted through some form of paraphernalia. As the image shows, addicts are not very particular of the tool which is used, often settling for a rolled up bill.

Possible Consequence of Prolonged Snorting- GRAPHIC

Chronic cocaine snorting can damage the septum of the nose. This picture is very graphic but quite true of many who use the drug continuously. Not everyone will have this effect from the drug, but it is not unheard of.

How Cocaine is Injected

Cocaine is injected through syringes for an immediate high. Addicts normally use this method when little else works to achieve their high, though some users simply prefer to inject the drug. As a narcotic which is frequently used in social settings, using syringes have led to diseases such as hepatitis and even HIV when shared among various users.

Crack Cocaine

This is one of the most addictive ways to use cocaine. Crack cocaine is a cooked up version of the drug which is usually served in hard rocks. They are normally yellowish in color, yet the rocks can be white- depending on the chemicals used to cook it up.

Crack Cocaine Paraphernalia

The crack pipe is the most popular way which crack cocaine is smoked. It is put on top of the pipe, lit, and smoked for an intense "blast". Addicts prefer this method of using crack though it can be used to lace marijuana and tobacco. One hit using this particular tool can be deadly, causing an instant heart attack for some users.

Seeking Help with Cocaine Addiction

Whether cocaine is used in its powdered form, or cooked up into crack- its use is very addictive and carries the risk of death. Addicts who wish to seek help with using cocaine should seek treatment which provides a balance of mind and body recovery techniques. Holistic treatment provides a way for addicts to get clean without the use of further drugs, therefore taking away risk of further dependency. If you or someone you love needs help with cocaine addiction, do not hesitate to ask. Cocaine has a way of making addicts feel as if all hope is gone, but fortunately this could not be further from the truth. As long as there's breath, there's hope for sobriety.