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  • Chronic methamphetamine use will almost always result in a tolerance to the drug, and users often try to intensify the desired effects by taking higher doses more frequently or changing the method of administration.
  • Bath Salts are being sold worldwide on the Internet, and many Bath Salts retailers are known for selling legitimate bath products.
  • Common street names for methamphetamine are meth, crystal methamphetamine, Tina, ice, and glass.
  • Prescription related drug overdose cases are reported to be more of a problem in rural areas than in urban areas.
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Street Names Used for Cocaine

What's In a Street Name?

Cocaine is one of the most widely used drugs among today's addicts. It is a drug which is snorted, smoked, injected- or combined with other substances, in order to achieve the high desired by the user. While it is well recognized by its original name, "cocaine" has been given many street names by addicts, dealers, and others. Street names are often used as a code when addicts and dealers are attempting to be discreet, they may also be used to name a drug dealer's line- or to differentiate one form of the drug from another. While those who use these street names do so for the sake of being discreet,rarely are they able to keep the names secret from authorities.

Location Makes a Difference

There are different names used for cocaine, depending on the area in which it is used. Even though there are many names used for the drug, only certain ones are used in certain places. For instance, Midwesterners may have a name which is much different than those who live in the Southern states. Surprisingly, names for cocaine may differ within the same city, often signaling what side of town an user is from.

Different Names Same Drug

Regardless of what cocaine may be called, its effects are the same. Those who use the drug are usually very talkative, paranoid, and quite sensitive to things around them- including things in which they hear, feel, see and even smell. Names also do not have anything to do with the fact that one hit of cocaine can cause cardiac arrest. Even so, using nicknames for cocaine does serve its purpose, all the while making very little difference on the ill effects of the drug.

Why So Many Names?

There are names which have been used to differentiate crack cocaine and powder, as well as general names used for the drug itself. There are also street names for certain combinations of the drug, such as cocaine combined with marijuana, tobacco, amphetamines and other drugs- even heroin. Below are various names which are used for cocaine, its variations, and combinations. Although many may not be familiar to all, it will more than likely depend on the area one resides. The following names have been compiled from various sources, in an effort to be as inclusive as possible. However, keep in mind that many more names may exist, and more are sure to come along in future generations. For the most part, these names can be used as a tool by those who are questioning whether their loved ones are "pulling the wool over their eyes", thus opening the door for conversation, understanding and must needed treatment.

General Cocaine Names

All-American drug, Snow, Coke, Foo-Foo Dust, King's Habit, Her, Aunt, Aunt Nora, Batman, Bazulco, Hubba, Bernice, Bernie, Gold Dust, Big bloke, Big C, Big flake, Big rush, C, C dust, C game, Birdie Powder, Candy C, Dream, Peruvian, Blow, Stash, Girl, Star, Stardust, She, Apple Jacks, Base, Chips, Chunks, Kibbles and Bits, Rock, Rush, White Ball, White Sugar, China White, Dream, Flake, Joy, Powder, Mama Coca, Paradise, Zip Baseball, Baseballing, Beam, Blanca, Bump, Candy Cane, Line, Rail, Stash, Snow White, Yeyo

Names for Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine is a cooked up form of the drug. It is used by those who wish to smoke cocaine, and is usually sold in a solid form. However, it can be provided in what appears to be a soft substance, but this is quite rare. Most smokers put the solid form on "pipes" to smoke it, while others prefer to crush it before applying it to their smoking paraphernalia. Crack is sometimes combined with marijuana or tobacco just as powdered cocaine. Providing a bit more intensity when combined than the powder form. The following are names used for crack cocaine:

Beam, Twinkie, Blotter, Bopper, Trey, Yam Yay, Badrock, Black, Cookie, Dice, Electric kool-aid, Nuggets, Piece, Prime time, Purple Caps, Rocks, Scrabble, Snow coke, Sleet, Tornado, Glo, Rock, Candy, Chemical, Sevenup, Girl, Mighty white, Freal tops, Space,

Cocaine in it's Powdered Form

Powder Cocaine is usually snorted, but is sometimes combined along with other drugs. It is white in color, and is considered cocaine's most natural form. These are names used for the powdered form:

Aspirin, Aunt, Candy sugar, Devil's dandruff, Fast white lady, Flave, Pariba, Shake, Shrile, Soft, Sugar boogers, and Uptown

Combined with Marijuana

A cocaine and marijuana mixture provides the user with a relaxed high, because of the combination of the two drugs. When smoked with marijuana, cocaine can be in its crack form or powder. When with the powdered form, the high is not quite as intense, however the following names are used for the combination of the drug when marijuana is mixed with it:

Primos, Candy Sticks, Bazookas, Blunts, Primos

Combined with Heroin

Heroin and Cocaine mixed together is often considered a deadly combination, because of its apple to oranges effect, if you will. It's like combining two totally opposite substances, in an effort to achieve a balance of some sort. For whatever reason the user mixes these two very potent drugs- in their own rite, the following names are used:

Speedballing, smoking gun, snowball, whiz bang, goofball, murder one, primos, dynamite, criss-crossing, he-she, h and c

Cocaine and Other Drugs Combined

Cocaine has been mixed, either on an experimental basis by addicts or because they insisted on finding the "ultimate" high, with other drugs as well. Here are a few of the combinations, along with some of the names used. It is important to know that cocaine in its original form can be deadly, let alone mixed with other narcotics and potent drugs. The following are names which have been given to cocaine mixed with:

  • Methamphetamines: Shabu, Snow Seals
  • PCP: Spaceball, Dusty Road
  • PCP and marijuana: Wicky
  • Ecstasy: Bumping up
  • LSD and Ecstasy: Candy Flipping
  • Heroin and Tobacco: Flamethrowers

Individuals who need help with cocaine addiction, will find that effective treatment which provides meetings, therapy, and a balance of physical routines is by far a great first step to getting their life back.