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  • Anabolic steroids are often used by patients for a variety of legitimate medical uses.
  • Individuals who abuse anabolic steroids sometimes take doses that are 10 to 100 times higher than the amount of the drug that has been prescribed by a doctor for medical reasons.
  • If someone has been abusing Valium and is addicted to it, a detox should be followed up with a drug treatment program which treats benzodiazepine addiction to ensure that the individual stays off of Valium and other drugs for good.
  • Individuals who dont feel well before using hashish may experience a further deterioration and worsening of the negative mood.
  • Dilaudid addicted individuals often require at least a 3 month stay or longer in drug rehab for to experience a positive outcome.
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Essential Information about Crack Cocaine Addiction

Crack cocaine is quite a highly addictive and potent type of drug. It stimulates and affects the central nervous system, and users may feel euphoric and mentally alert upon taking the substance. The drug is often administered by smoking or snorting it. This pure form of cocaine is freebase, and it is made by mixing the drug solution with baking soda or other additives.

Side Effects of Crack Cocaine Addiction

The potency of the drug depends on how it is administered by the person. Smoking can cause a person to feel the effects after a few minutes, while those who choose to snort the substance may wait a while before they can experience a pleasurable sensation. On the other hand, the effect remains longer when the person snorts the drug. After a few minutes of euphoria, drug users may sink into negative emotions including depression, irritability, nervousness and anxiety. They may also feel extremely tired and exhausted, which are symptoms linked with a "coke crash" or coming down effects.

Long-term use of this stimulant type of drug can lead to numerous psychological problems. Several users may become quite aggressive or violent, and they may have poor decision-making skills. These people may end up losing interest in work or studies because of their constant craving and dependence on the drug. In addition, users who snort crack cocaine may suffer from damages of the blood vessels in their nasal passages.

Health Risks and Crack Cocaine Abuse

It is inevitable for people to suffer from multiple health issues because of frequent use of crack cocaine. One of the common effects is the overstimulation of the brain chemicals. Too much production of neurotransmitters can lead to an imbalance in a person's feelings, thought patterns, and mental health. Drug users are also at risk of experiencing cardiac arrest and convulsion.

With crack cocaine, it may be challenging to identify the actual hazardous dosage of the drug. Some people even die immediately even when it is only their first time to use the substance. Since there are toxic effects associated with abuse of the drug, most people may experience cardiac failure. They may undergo ventricular fibrillation or very rapid or pounding heartbeat. These individuals may die from such condition because of the heart's inability to function properly.

Many crack cocaine users suffer from hallucinations, and they may begin to see or hear things that do not exist. This disturbing effect may last for only a few hours when the side effects of the drug have already faded. Many people may begin to lose meaning in life, and they eventually fail to keep their relationships in a healthy manner. They may become very irritable and get into constant fights and arguments with others.

Cocaine can cause severe damages to the heart, including the other essential body organs. Respiratory arrest is also a common symptom among crack cocaine users. The heart will begin to function poorly, and it will be unable to pump more blood needed by the body. Then, a person may have breathing problems until he or she dies from this debilitating condition.

Addictive and Life-Threatening

It is very evident that crack cocaine is a highly addictive and destructive drug, and most people become hooked on it even after they have first used the substance. They will begin to crave for more dosages of the drug, and some exert great efforts just to purchase crack cocaine illegally.

In order to satisfy their wanting for the substance, they might eventually get in trouble with the law. While the drug may not cause serious withdrawal symptoms, those who abuse the substance can experience serious psychological issues. Most abusers tend to become irritable, paranoid, nervous, agitated, and depressed. They may suffer from hallucinations that can hinder their performance at work and in school.

Those who wish to overcome the effects of the drug may consider taking the right treatment for it. For instance, a holistic type of therapy is the best choice because of its effectiveness in helping drug addicts recover well. Drug-free treatment is ideal because these drug users can avoid experiencing additional side effects that any medication might cause. Lastly, they need constant support and guidance from professionals and loved ones, so they will not suffer from relapses when the treatment period has been completed.