• Drug Overdose Facts
  • In 2010, 5.0% of 8th graders, 14.7% of 10th graders, and 26.8% of 12th graders had been drunk that year.
  • Amphetamines are psycho stimulant drugs which stimulate the central nervous system; when overused can be psychologically and physically addictive.
  • Heroin is an extremely powerful, addictive and rapidly acting narcotic that is derived from opium.
  • During 1990, and following a great number of GHB overdoses, the drug was ordered to be taken off the market in the United States.
  • Approximately 3.5 million people in the United States have reported using heroin on at least one occasion during their lives.
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Crack Cocaine Addiction Statistics

Family members and friends who feel someone you know might be using and abusing crack cocaine have to find a way to intervene and get the user the much needed help if you want them to quit. Use of crack cocaine addiction statistics, and showing them what harm the drugs are doing to their body and health is one of the best ways to get the individual to realize the harm that the drugs are doing to their body. As cocaine is one of the more addictive drugs in nature, users are generally not going to ask for help, and are going to drown and get in to deep trouble with the drug. Therefore, it is up to those around them, and individuals who care for them to step in and help them get past the addiction they are dealing with, which is consuming their daily lives.

When trying to reach out to an addict to help them, you do not want to blame, or try to make them feel bad. When using crack cocaine addiction statistics, and talking to them, it should be done in a friendly nature, rather than blaming them for the drug use and abuse they are dealing with. When you speak to them in a manner showing them that you want to help, rather than punishing them, the individual is more likely to listen, especially if you are a family member, or an individual they truly care about. So, when you do choose to intervene, you have to bring real crack cocaine addiction statistics and facts, to show them the harm they are doing to their body, and you have to talk to them, rather than try to force them to feel bad about the use and the trouble they are dealing with when abusing the drugs.

Showing them facts about the health related issues, the death statistics, how users lose friendships and family members, and any damaging effects that the drugs are going to have on their health, are all facts you should introduce when trying to help and talk to the user. The more concrete, and the more reliable the source you turn to for the facts, the more likely it is that the user is going to listen to you, and will believe what you are saying when you are trying to help them get past their addiction they are dealing with.

If you are able to get the user to admit to having a problem, to using the drugs, and to getting to a point where they are willing to accept the help you are willing to offer, you then have to choose the right methods and treatment options for their drug addiction problem. The best forms of treatment for cocaine addiction would be turning to an inpatient facility. By taking the user away from an environment that led them to drug use and abuse, and by taking them away from the people and situations that led them to drug use, you are going to give them a clean slate to start over. Additionally, when in an inpatient facility that uses holistic and all natural forms of treatment for drug abuse you are going to find that the user has no way to get their hands on drugs.

By going through the natural method of detox and withdrawal, the user is going to see that drug use is not something they have to rely on. Although it is a bit tough early on, and the first few days are going to be tough, once they get past the initial withdrawal symptoms, they are going to find it much easier to get and stay clean without having to rely on other drugs or other medication to help them get past the tough phases while trying to quit.

Regardless of how bad or how long they have been using drugs, the right approach from family and friends to help them get past their addiction is essential if you want the user to ask for help. From there, choosing the top inpatient facilities, where they will get the assistance they need to get past the addiction, is the next step for them to getting back to a drug free life.