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  • Amphetamines pass through into breast milk and individuals who use them after giving birth are advised to avoid breastfeeding.
  • Certain doses of Ecstasy may and have induced seizures in users.
  • A tell-tale sign of Xanax addiction is when the individual is seeking early renewals for their original prescription.
  • About 70-80% of the new Hepatitis C infections in the U.S. each year are among injection drug users, including those who inject heroin.
  • Individuals who use Ecstasy always run the risk of taking two other potentially toxic substances known as MDA and PMA, which are similar to Ecstasy but much more toxic and have been responsible with fatalities in the United States and Australia.
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Crack Cocaine Overdose: Essential Facts

Crack cocaine is the pure and solid form of this stimulant drug. It has the appearance of a rock crystal, which is usually inhaled, smoked and heated. The crystal tends to make cracking sounds when it is heated, and the process causes the drug to melt. This drug also affects the central nervous system, and disrupts the normal functioning of brain receptors.

Crack Cocaine Overdose Details

The drug comes with an off-white or solid white color. Some people apply the freebasing method before they take the drug, and this includes placing the rock crystal in a container and heating it until the substance melts. Users also try to inhale the smoke by using a device or pipe. When the vapors enter the lungs, a person may begin to feel euphoric and high.

Most people choose to take the drug because they want to experience a kind of rush or euphoria. The drug also helps in suppressing the appetite or easing any pain. Those who inhale the vapor begin to feel mentally alert, and they also tend to engage in physical activities. After a few minutes, though, the effect will start to fade. When this happens, a person will feel depressed and extremely tired. The coming down effects can be very uncomfortable. In addition, drug users may want to have another dose of the drug in avoiding the negative emotions linked with withdrawal from the substance. Unfortunately, this effect is not attained during subsequent uses because a person may already become tolerant to crack cocaine's effects.

Several health issues are linked with taking crack cocaine. Individuals may experience the ill effects of the drug, which is quite similar with cocaine abuse. They may suffer from abnormally high blood pressure and heart rate, seizures, cardiac arrest, and high temperature. Some people may have respiratory ailments such as chronic cough, bronchitis and emphysema.

Origin of Crack Cocaine

The drug is formed by dissolving powdered cocaine, and mixing the substance with water and baking soda. Afterwards, this solution is heated, dried, and pounded into small pieces. The common names of this stimulant drug include chemical, devil drug, crumbs, and badrock, among several others.

The crystal may be available in rocks or cubes with pale rose, white or yellow color. This is a strong formulation of the drug, and it is even more hazardous to one's health than powder cocaine. Since it is 100 percent pure form of cocaine, it is quite potent and produces strong effects.

Symptoms of Crack Cocaine Overdose

Individuals who smoke crack cocaine are likely to experience multiple physical and psychological symptoms. The chemicals enter a person's brain instantly, and the effect can be very strong. The high or euphoric feeling, though, does not stay for long. Eventually, a person will begin to crave for the drug and take more doses of it.

Powder cocaine is rather expensive, so several people opt to purchase crack cocaine because it is much cheaper. Several drug users are not aware that they may end up paying a high price when they experience numerous illnesses due to crack cocaine overdose. They will require long periods of medication and hospitalization just to eliminate the effects of the drug.

Health Concerns

People who use crack cocaine frequently may develop several types of disorders including spasms in the cardiovascular system, which may lead to a heart attack. They may also experience high blood pressure, and this may produce strokes. Long-term use of crack cocaine can also increase the risk of cardiac arrest and lung ailments.

Snorting the substance is also quite dangerous, as this can lead to damages to the nasal passages. The blood vessels may be severely affected, and ulcerations may develop. Injecting the drug is also hazardous because the body part that was injected may contract skin infections, abscesses, and clotting. Smoking crack has more intense effects than smoking tobacco cigarettes, and individuals may suffer from respiratory arrest.

There are other effects of the drug aside from affecting the physical health of a person. These people may become psychologically disturbed, and some may suffer from hallucinations, paranoia, anxieties, and panic attacks. They may become disconnected with reality, and they will have problems in concentrating, performing routines, or maintaining a good relationship with other people.