• Drug Overdose Facts
  • A Mississippi man who said he had tried every drug from heroin to crack had terrifying hallucinations while high on Bath Salts that he wrote to a local newspaper urging people to stay away from them.
  • Waking up in an emergency room after being treated for a potentially fatal drug overdose can often be the bottom that many addicted individuals need to hit before they are willing to fully commit to a drug rehab program so that they can finally be free from their addiction.
  • Drinking four or more alcoholic drinks on any given day or drinking eight or more drinks within a week increases a womans risk of developing alcohol abuse or dependence.
  • An Opana overdose may occur if someone accidentally or intentionally takes more of the drug then the body is able to handle.
  • Caffeinated alcoholic beverages typically have higher alcohol content than beer.
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Details about Crack Cocaine Side Effects

Crack cocaine stimulates the production of brain chemicals and alters their functions. When it stimulates the central nervous system, a person may experience elation and hyperactivity. This type of drug also affects a person's way of thinking and feeling, and those who are under the influence of crack cocaine may act aggressively or confidently until the effects of the substance have faded.

About Crack Cocaine

The drug is in crystal or rock form, and it is produced by mixing powdered cocaine with water and baking soda. Then, the mixture is dried and crushed into smaller chunks, thus producing the pure and potent form of the drug.

Crack cocaine is quite cheaper, as compared to powder cocaine, which is why most people can afford to buy the drug. However, this type of drug is also even more hazardous to one's health, as compared to cocaine. When the chemicals enter the brain and the body's entire system, a person is likely to suffer from multiple physical and psychological discomforts that may last for a long time. This is typical among individuals who have been taking the drug in large amounts or for several months.

Crack Cocaine Addiction

People use several ways in administering the drug such as by smoking, injecting and snorting. Those who inject the drug can experience the effects of the substance in only a matter of seconds, while users who smoke or snort crack cocaine may have to wait for a few minutes before they notice any changes in their emotions. The drug causes a person to feel extremely high and elated, and he or she may feel alert. Since the substance stimulates the brain chemicals, several users may feel a strong sense of perception of their surroundings.

In only a few minutes, this effect begins to change, and users may experience comedown symptoms after they have taken the drug. They may feel exhausted, anxious, depressed, and weak. Some people may have an intense craving for another dose of the drug because they want to experience the same kind of euphoria as when they first had a dose of crack cocaine.

However, it is impossible for these people to undergo the same kind of high feeling with their subsequent uses unless they increase the dosage. This occurs because the body has become tolerant of the effects of the drug. A higher dose is the only means of making these people satisfy their craving and desire for the drug's psychedelic effects.

On the other hand, with more intake of crack cocaine, a person may suffer from an overdose and dependence on the drug. These conditions are linked with even more negative health effects that can affect the person's quality of life.

Side Effects of the Drug

The substance triggers the production and release of the chemicals in the brain, which controls the emotions, thoughts, and movement. With short-term use of the drug, a person may have a heightened sensation and mental alertness. He or she may feel very calm and relaxed, and others may act confidently and superior from their peers.

A few minutes after, the effect will wear off, and individuals will experience a sinking feeling, which is the opposite of how they felt when they have taken the drug. They may also feel nauseous, dizzy, faint, lightheaded and restless. Long-term and chronic use of crack cocaine is associated with even more disconcerting effects such as insomnia, hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, sweating, difficulty in urinating and anxieties.

Crack cocaine causes life-threatening health problems such as respiratory arrest and heart failure. Many users suffer from a coma or a stroke because their heart can no longer support the body's need for oxygen. They may also die from all these symptoms since the drug causes severe damages to the vital parts of the body.

Withdrawal from the Drug

It is important for drug dependents and users to seek medical attention, so they can overcome the disconcerting effects of the drug. Withdrawal can cause serious health issues, and some people are not able to handle these negative symptoms. With a holistic form of treatment, drug addicts can regain the control in their life. They only need the support and guidance of professionals and loved ones who can help them during the entire treatment process.