• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Although tolerance to GHBs effects can occur with long-term use, it has not been reported to produce physical dependence.
  • A Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.35 BAC may ultimately result in the following: Coma is possible; this is the level of surgical anesthesia.
  • Acute Lortab withdrawal symptoms subside gradually and are gone over a period of several weeks.
  • Many people suffer needlessly or die from a drug overdose, because the professional medical assistance that is required is not able to be delivered in a timely manner.
  • Bath Salts can cause side effects such as anxiety, chest pain, intense sweating, palpitations and a feeling of paranoia and impending doom.
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What Are the Statistics of Crack Cocaine?

Crackcocaine use is much bigger in some places than others. It is particularly used in urban areas since it most common in big cities. These cities include Baltimore, New York City and New Orleans. Many other huge cultural hubs in America also have a crack use problem. The use of crack is a problem in Washington DC, for instance. However, over the past decade or so crack cocaine has stopped to be very big in many cities and this has forced many suppliers to up their prices, break rocks and some even go as far as putting other drugs in their rocks without letting the crack cocaine user know. Using crack cocaine is perceived to be very dangerous and new use seems to be decreasing.

Who Starts To Use Crack?

In the year 1999, not many people actually started to smoke crack. As a matter of fact, people that use crack seem to be mostly habitual users of the drug. These people are overwhelming older males. In the Southwest of America, however, there was a slight increase in the use of crack by women.

Which cities have the worst crack use?

In the year 2004 the cities which had a big crack problem were featured in a study. It was found to cost under 20, but for each crack rock in cities like Chicago and San Francisco the price is only 5 dollars. In Seattle, a rock of crack cocaine can cost almost one hundred dollars.

How Many People Have Tried Cocaine?

A lot of people have tried crack cocaine in their lifetimes. In fact, over eight million people have tried crack at least once in the United States of America. Almost three percent of people living in America have smoked crack cocaine at least one time in their lives.

How Easy Is Crack Cocaine To Get?

Crack cocaine is considered to be very easy to get on the street by several studies. This has been proven by users and undercover policemen according to the Pulse Check study. Crack cocaine is only slightly more difficult to get than marijuana.

What Is The Public Perception of Crack?

People that were polled since the year 2002 were starting to believe that heroin is a lot more dangerous than crack. Crack is still taught to be a very dangerous drug with possible dire consequences by most people polled as well.

Has The Supply for Crack changed?

It has in some cities. Crack is very easy to get in almost every city. However, it is also much easier to get on the streets of San Francisco than those of Philadelphia. Other than that, the market for crack cocaine in urban centers appears to be established.

What Kind of Treatment Do Crack Cocaine Users Get?

People that use crack cocaine usually get methadone treatments because they tend to be referred to by a court instead of seeking help themselves through individual referrals.

Who Smokes Crack Cocaine?

According to the crack cocaine statistics available since 2004 the segment of the population that uses crack continues to grow in age with only a few cities in the United States not following this trend and having a population of new crack users. This list of cities includes Cleveland.

How Pure Is Crack Cocaine?

It really depends. Each rock is about 30 to 85pure. Crack cocaine rocks that are sold on the street are usually about half of the lowest number here.

How Does Crack Organization Work?

Crack dealers could work independently or they might work as part of a structured group. The second one likely has a fifty-fifty split happening.

Where Is Crack Cocaine Produced?

Crack cocaine is generally produced where it is sold because it is a lot cheaper and the criminals are less likely to be found out. The law restricts both dealing crack cocaine and powder cocaine. The laws regarding crack cocaine are a little tighter than those concerning the powder cocaine.

What Is The Impact on The Community?

In 2002, crack sales were associated with prostitution and gang-related violence along with physical assaults much more than other drugs. Crack users may suffer from short and long term mental and physical health issues. Crack cocaine use is also associated with risky sexual behavior, which is associated with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and hepatitis C and B.