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Demerol, Addiction and Its Treatment

Demerol, among all the narcotic analgesic drugs, is one of the most commonly abused substances not just in the United States but throughout the world. Therapeutically, Demerol is used for the relief of chronic pain among patients diagnosed with disorders such as cancer and musculoskeletal disorders. Individuals who become dependent with Demerol often use it in high amounts as it provides relief even from severe forms of physical pain. Being addicted and dependent to Demerol and any other drug does not only cause problems and difficulties in the life of the substance abuser but also to his family and loved ones. Therefore, it is very important for every drug abuser to realize that their drug addiction is treatable and curable as long as they are willing to undergo treatment plans and necessary rehabilitations. In this article, you will be made aware of a deeper understanding regarding Demerol abuse and Demerol addiction treatment.

What is Demerol?

Demerol, just like morphine, is an opioid analgesic or pain reliever. Most opioids and narcotics are often popular for their sedating and numbing effects which entail the risk for addiction. Demerol and other narcotic drugs are usually the last line of drugs for the treatment of pain as they lead to severe side effects and impairments to the human body. Not all physicians can prescribe Demerol and other narcotics. It is only prescribed by specialized physicians usually in triplicates. Demerol is also known to have interactions with many drugs especially antipsychotic medications. When combined with alcohol, it can also lead to severe complicated scenarios which may result to multiple organ failure and eventually, death.

Demerol drug addiction

Addiction is defined as the continuous consumption of a substance even if it already causes problems to the person's activities of daily living and relationship with other people. Demerol addiction can cause physical malfunctions as well as mental and social problems and can even change a person's life completely. When the person who is addicted to Demerol suddenly stops his consumption, it often leads to withdrawal symptoms which are often times much more severe than the effects of Demerol use. This is one reason why Demerol addicts do not stop their use of the substance as they will experience the withdrawal symptoms.

Effects of Demerol

High amounts of Demerol consumption and addiction causes several effects to the human body. The greatest danger and risk about it is its effect on the kidneys and liver which are two essential organs for metabolism and absorption of many drugs. It can also cause effects on the nervous system and may result to problems with the individual's thinking, reasoning and communication with others. Consuming Demerol in high amounts may also lead to seizures as the nerve impulse transmission in the brain becomes disrupted. Demerol can also lead to respiratory depression and arrest.

Demerol Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms of Demerol are feared by individuals who are dependent on the drug. The withdrawal symptoms of Demerol addiction include the following:

  • Gastrointestinal effects such as diarrhea.
  • Flu-like symptoms which includes runny nose and teary eyes.
  • Tremors which can be mild or severe.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Increased anxiety, agitation and nervousness.

Demerol Addiction Treatment

Treating Demerol addiction is one of the goals of drug abuse therapy and rehab clinics. The rehabilitation program starts when the patient says "Yes" to treatment. By committing to the rehab program, the person is considered to be highly motivated and willing to change. He should commit to follow the rehabilitation program step by step without backing out.

The treatment sessions usually begin with detoxification procedures. It can be made in an outpatient or on-admission basis. The number of sessions usually depends on the number of years of Demerol use and the severity of effects and withdrawal symptoms of the body. In some rehab programs, psychotherapies and behavioral therapies are also included.

After the Demerol compounds in the person's body is completely eliminated, patients are advised to join certain groups of individuals who used to be addicted to drugs. By joining such, they can hear testimonies and stories of how the treatment has improved their life and relationship with others. They can also be guided when they join these groups so they will never choose to go back to addiction again.

There is hope for those who are willing to change. Do not be blinded by the idea that Demerol addiction is not treatable. See your doctor now and ask about drug free holistic therapies to know how you can live for the better.