• Drug Overdose Facts
  • By age 25-30, children of alcoholics tend to have levels of drug use "substantially higher" than children of non-alcoholics.
  • Alcohol acts as a central nervous system depressant that is rapidly absorbed by the stomach and small intestine into the bloodstream.
  • Agitation is a common Ecstasy withdrawal symptom, and many individuals report initially becoming agitated as they ponder living with the drug, which is testimony to the strong psychological addiction that can occur with Ecstasy use.
  • Around 17% of men and about 8% of women will meet criteria for alcohol dependence at some point in their lives.
  • Abuse of alcohol can decrease testosterone in a mans body and cause impotence.
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Effects Which Can Occur When Using Demerol

Why Demerol is Used

The effects of Demerol are similar to that of morphine. It provides a sense of euphoria and relaxation to its users. Demerol is generally prescribed for severe pain or given to patients prior to surgery as an anesthetic, however some addicts have been known to use the drug as a way of achieving a high similar to that of heroin. While the effects of Demerol are very much like that of heroin and other "downers", it is much more potent- and can lead to coma or death if taken in large doses.

Getting High on Demerol

Demerol depresses the central nervous system, making it easier to deal with pain. Its effects can vary depending on how much of the drug is taken; one effect which is quite common among those who abuse the drug is addiction. Prolonged use of Demerol increases the chance of dependency, resulting in larger doses being used, or the drug being used more often. Addicts who use the drug tend to crush it up, chew, snort or inject the drug. Using Demerol in these ways can increase the risk of overdose, due to the uncontrolled delivery of the drug. Uncontrolled delivery of Demerol, due to manipulating the pill in order to get high- can cause unfortunate situations for the user. Some Demerol users may experience problems with reflux, fluid retention, or constipation. There may also be vomiting, nausea, abdominal pains and dry mouth. These effects are not considered to be serious. However for those who experience an urgent situation, it is important to contact their physician, or head to the ER. More serious effects are possible when abusing Demerol, which is why being vigilant even when under the influence- if possible, can make a difference between life and death. Not all individuals experience the same effects of Demerol, but knowing the possible risks can make a difference.

How Demerol Effects the Heart

Cardiovascular and respiratory issues are a great possibility for those who use the drug irresponsibly. Abusing Demerol can lead to taking too much at a time, due to the addict's inability to control how much of the drug is delivered into the system at once. Demerol depresses the central nervous system, and when taken in large amounts, it can lead to slow or shallow breathing. Low blood pressure and slowed heart beats can lead to coma or even death if help is not sought immediately. Demerol is used to sedate surgery patients; a drug which on a normal day is used to slow one's heart down can definitely stop the heart if abused . Coma and death are not too far fetched when considering the potency of Demerol, especially when taken unsupervised.

Effects of Demerol on Existing Conditions

Muscle spasms can occur when individuals take Demerol. It is an effect which may be mistaken for simple muscle aches, especially if the user is oblivious to how their body can react to the drug. Other effects can be confused when taking Demerol, because of the drug's tendency to inflate conditions which already exist. Convulsions can occur if the user has tendencies to have seizures. For those who have psychological problems, Demerol can exacerbate those problems as well. Users may experience fear, agitation, paranoia and hallucinations. When taken by individuals who use other drugs or alcohol, Demerol's effects can be intensified. It is not advised to use Demerol with any substance which depresses the central nervous system. There can be serious consequence to doing so- including coma or death.

Sedating Effects of Demerol

Demerol cause the user to become sleepy, dizzy, unbalanced, incoherent, and have problems thinking or concentrating. These effects can be quite irritating to one who uses Demerol, even for addicts. Demerol is a potent drug, and often, it is prescribed in a way which will relax the patient, as well as ease their pain. However, because of the medications's effect to sedate the user, there is a great chance that those who abuse the drug will become confused and incoherent because of being "slowed" down. This can even make users appear intoxicated. When asked a question, users can have difficulty remembering, thinking, or completing their thoughts. For a conscious person, this can be agitating, and does not get better until the drug wears off a bit.

Getting Help

Only those who are prescribed Demerol should take the drug, however this is not the case. Addicts who abuse Demerol enjoy the high because of its likeness to heroin. If you are wondering how a drug prescribed for pain, can lead to so much pain in the lives of others- you are not alone. Fortunately, there is help available for those who may be addicted to Demerol. Even drug free treatment which can assist addicts with getting their lives back on track. No addict should have to hit bottom before seeking help- it is best to quit before it ever happens.