• Drug Overdose Facts
  • After using GHB an individual can vomit and choke to death in their sleep.
  • In 2008 the average age of first use of heroin in the U.S. was 23.4 years.
  • A local doctor and nurse team in Wichita, Kansas have garnered national attention as they are accused of running a large-scale "pill mill" the led to the opiate-related drug overdose deaths of 68 patients.
  • High school and college students in the U.S. use prescription stimulants recreationally and combine them with alcohol or other drugs for an euphoric effect.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is most common among women who have never been married, are living unmarried with a partner, or are divorced or separated.
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Demoral Abuse and Its Effects

What is Demerol?

Demerol, a drug which has recently been scrutinized more than ever due to its sudden abuse by addicts, is quite similar in character to morphine. While the drug is commonly referred to as Demerol, it's pharmaceutical name is Meperidine Hydrochloride. One of the latest prescription drugs which addicts have taken note of, it is a narcotic analgesic which sedates and numbs by way of the central nervous system. Demerol is prescribed to patients for management of moderate to severe pain, but addicts have found another use completely for the drug. While it may sound a bit odd, this drug should not be used for chronic pain due to the longevity of need. Prolonged use of Demerol can be fatal, or cause seizures at the very least- due to the ingredient normeperidine which can build up in one's system.

Consequences to Demerol Use

The meperidine metabolite, referred to as normeperidine is one of the most deadly reasons why addicts should not use Demerol, but as with all illicit drugs, there are other effects which can't be ignored. Addicts tend to either use too much of their desired drugs, which will lead to their ultimate death. if potency is not taken into consideration, any amount of an illicit drug can kill. Addicts often can not differentiate between what is a safe amount, and that which is not; unfortunately, Demerol has proven to be a drug which does not give much room for error

How It Is Used >

Demerol is an opioid agonist, and is usually snorted, chewed or injected. Like morphine, the drug causes a feeling of euphoria, which makes the addict feel relaxed and rewarded. Drawn to this feeling of elation, the addict continues to use the drug, never considering- most often oblivious to the fact that the toxicity of this drug builds up in the system over time. Demerol should not be confused with morphine itself- or being an opiate. Agonist are drugs which mimic another, setting off the very same reactions in the brain as another drug would, without actually being that particular drug. Being an opioid agonist, of the morphine type simply means that Demerol makes the brain react the very same way which morphine does. This is what makes it so very endearing to opiate lovers, heroin users, and others who crave anything derived from the poppy plant. Although Demerol is not an opiate, it is a Schedule II drug, and bound by all punishment and legalities which come along with illicit morphine use.

What Not to Do When Using Demerol

As with any other illicit drug, when using Demerol other substances should not be used, especially those which cause depression of the central nervous system. Drugs such as morphine, heroin, Xanax, and other "downers" like alcohol can cause respiratory failure or coma due to the slow down of the central nervous system. Also, depending how an addict uses the drug, the way it is dissolved into the body can determine how significant of an affect it will have. The body may respond to Demerol by the lowering of one's blood pressure- or hypotension, or users may experience problems driving or moving about. This of course is due to the decrease in blood circulation- or blood volume, making the user tired, and even comatose.

Dealing with Demerol Withdrawals

Becoming dependent on Demerol after prolonged use will cause physical withdrawals much like morphine or heroin withdrawal. Tolerance builds after chronic use of the drug, however using demerol continuously is not recommended anyway. Again, it should really be used for acute moderate to severe pain, which does not require constant medication. Every now and then is the best course of management for someone who is on a Demerol regimen. Suddenly stopping one's use can cause withdrawals, and should be done after consulting with a physician, or under the direct supervision of a treatment facility. Effects of Demerol withdrawal can include:

  • inability to sleep
  • constant yawning
  • Hot and cold flashes
  • tearing of the eyes
  • mucous buildup
  • muscle cramps
  • dilated pupils

The above symptoms may arise when the body first notices depletion of the drug, however there are other symptoms as the body begins to crave the drug, they include:

  • anxiousness
  • muscle and joint aches
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • stomach convulsions
  • loss of appetite
  • hypertension
  • changes in breathing and pulse
  • restlessness
  • back pain
  • feeling irritable

When these symptoms arise, the body is at a total stage of withdrawal. It may be wise to seek some sort of treatment when going through these symptoms, even if they are not terribly severe. Having a treatment plan which monitors one's condition, and assists with new techniques and ways of thinking, and dealing with pain can be helpful at this stage.

Getting Help

Individuals who find themselves addicted to Demerol should seek help immediately to rid themselves of the vicious cycle of need. Patients should always remember that when given a prescription, it is okay to inquire about alternative medicines or methods to handle their pain. On the other hand, addicts who buy or use Demerol for the purpose of getting high must rethink their position, and the effects which this potent drug has on both their body and their brain. It is never too late to seek help, learning how to deal with life's stresses without the use of a "downer", is the first step towards noticing just how unnecessary illicit use of Demerol and drugs like it really is.