• Drug Overdose Facts
  • If consumed along with alcohol, cocaines effects peak in 30 minutes and last about 3 hours.
  • The prescription medications that are most commonly reported to be linked to accidental or intentional drug overdose deaths in the United States include, but are not limited to Soma, Oxycontin, Vicodin and Xanax; one of the most potent drugs that is a relative newcomer to the prescription drug scene in Fentanyl.
  • Crystal meth addicts often exchange sex for the drug, exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
  • Individuals who have take LSD and have had a positive experience may have an extremely negative experience with future use.
  • Individuals referred from the criminal justice system to drug rehab in 2005 were 28 percent more likely to complete long-term residential drug rehab or be transferred to other drug rehab programs.
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Demerol Street Names

If you believe that a person you know, family or friend, is addicted to demerol, or any other pain killers or street drugs, learning some of the commonly used demerol street names and street names for other drugs is an easy way to find out. Not only are the users going to use these terms when talking about the drug, they are also going to use them around people who are not aware of the terms, to avoid any confrontations or questions about their use and abuse. If you learn some of the most commonly used demerol street names and terms, you can find out about their addiction, talk to them, and try to help the individual get past their addiction with the proper forms of treatment.

Although it was initially used and prescribed to treat muscle spasms and other similar pains, today many individuals will turn to the drug for an immediate high. As it is stronger than other pain killers, and easy to have access to, it is something that many former patients, or individuals who used the drug for pain related treatments in the past have become addicted to, and now use it for recreational purposes and to get a high instead.

Some of the common demerol street names and terms used for demerol include:

- demmies and meperdine (a synthetic version of the drug).

As it is not one of the most commonly used and abused drugs, there are not as many street terms for it. But, as it becomes more popular, and easier to gain access to from street vendors, there are going to be additional terms and phrases which will be added to the street dictionary which users and dealers use when they are making transactions for the purchase and sale of the drugs. So, as a concerned family member, friend, or individual of someone you might have some contact with, learning some of these terms, the use, and the signs of use, are some things that will help you determine whether or not they are using and abusing. From there, you can confront them, and offer your help in the manner you see fit.

By learning these common demerol street names and terms, you can also learn about other drugs, and interactions the user might have. This might help you learn the source of their addiction, when and why they initially started using the pain killer for recreational purposes, and how long they have been using it, or any other drugs. Learning about the addiction, how long they have been addicted, and what led to the start of these addictions, are all factors that will help you confront the user, and offer the assistance that you can offer. Helping them see how the drug use is ruining their life, and offering to help them get in to a drug treatment facility, are some things you might be able to do, when you want to help them fight and get past their addiction and behaviors.

If the individual is willing to admit to use, and ask for help, going with a holistic facility, and one that uses natural methods to helping the user quit is probably the best treatment option to consider. Since they are going to be in the facility, and will not have access to demerol, or any other drugs, they are going to have to go through the detox without use of any medications. This is the best way to get the drugs out of the system, and to help them quit when they want to get clean, and eliminate all of the harmful toxins and damage to their body, which the drug use has caused.

When choosing the treatment facilities, it is best to find those that offer assistance to patients dealing with addiction to pain killers and prescription medication, as the staff and doctors are going to have the expertise in this area. As it is a very specific addiction, knowing how to deal with and properly guide the patients, is something that is going to help them on their way to quitting and getting clean, and eventually learning how to stay clean and drug free once they leave the facility.