• Drug Overdose Facts
  • In 2009, over 50% of Americans age 12 and older had used alcohol at least once in the 30 days.
  • Cocaine is a powerfully addictive central nervous system stimulant which can be snorted, injected, or smoked.
  • A 2006 analysis of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs in the U.S. concluded that these programs are associated with lower rates of substance abuse treatment admissions.
  • Chronic alcohol abuse can cause cardiovascular problems, including elevated blood pressure and heart rate, risk of stroke and heart failure.
  • Exercise can be an effective complement to many drug rehabs and has shown efficacy in reducing stress and helping prevent weight gain following drug cessation.
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Fentanyl Addiction

Due to the power of the fentanyl opiate based drug, and as it is used similarly to morphine (treat pain and injuries), but is more powerful, a fentanyl addiction is something that is quite common amongst users. Since it is going to alleviate pain and the injuries the user is going through, and can be used in many different manners, it is quite simple to get hold of. Additionally, as it is an opiate based drug, it is more powerful than other street drugs, and becomes one of the more addictive medications in nature, due to the healing powers, and due to the fact that it gives the user the euphoric feeling and high they are looking for.

As fentanyl is commonly used to treat patients with severe pain, or to help individuals recover from pains post surgery, it is a prescription medication. But, due to the fact that many street vendors get their hands on almost all forms of drugs, prescriptions, and narcotics today, it is quite simple for an individual who is dealing with a fentanyl addiction to get their hands on the medication, even if they do not have the necessary prescription from their doctor or their surgeon. So, although it used to be something that was regulated, with the ease of finding it on the streets and through so many vendors today, fentanyl addiction has become a far more common problem, especially among those who have used it in the past to treat pain, and have experienced the euphoric release and feeling the medication provides.

For those who are dealing with fentanyl addiction, or any other forms of addiction to medications or opiate based drugs, choosing the proper form of treatment is something you have to do. Not only is the right form of treatment going to help you fight past the addiction, it is also going to help you learn to lead a drug free life, learn to live day by day without relying on the medication, and learn how to get past your addictive nature and tendencies, without turning to other drugs or medication when you are going through the treatment for your fentanyl addiction. When choosing the treatment options, holistic approaches are the ones that are going to be the best option, for all individuals, regardless of how major or minor their issues with addiction might seem. Since they are going to be completely removed from the drug, and will not have any other drugs or medications introduced to their body, they will learn to get past the addiction and the need to use these medications.

With other forms of treatment, patients learn to eliminate the drug they are addicted to, by relying on other medications; this is not an effective manner to treat the issue, as you are still relying on medications and are not losing the need to use drugs and medicine. Therefore, considering a holistic approach, and going to an inpatient facility that treats the fentanyl addiction by completely eliminating the drugs and medication, and turning to a natural method of quitting, and making patients go through detox, are some things you should consider if you truly want to get past the addiction you are dealing with, and any future possibilities of addiction or use. When you get the help you need, from the highly trained professionals who know what they are doing, you are going to get past the fentanyl addiction, the tough detox, and learn to lead a drug free life, where you do not have to rely on other forms of medication to help you past one addiction you are currently treating.

As each patient is different, each one will undergo a different method of treatment at an inpatient facility when they are treating the fentanyl addiction. Depending on how long they used and abused, and how often, the treatment lengths and levels of intensity are going to vary. But, the best method of getting the help you need is to first admit you do have the problem and have a fentanyl addiction, and then to seek out the natural methods of treatment, by going through treatment at a local inpatient treatment center for your addiction problems.