• Drug Overdose Facts
  • As a result of binge drinking, an individual can experience an irregular heartbeat, which can sometimes even cause the heart to stop.
  • In 2010, approximately 16 million Americans reported using a prescription drugs such as Vicodin for nonmedical purposes in the past year.
  • The most common substances that are reported in drug overdose deaths are heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and alcohol.
  • Individuals that binge drink are 14 times more likely to become involved in alcohol-impaired driving than non-binge drinkers.
  • For certain magic mushroom users, a very small amount of the drug can cause a cold feeling during the first hour.
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Heroin Street Names And Common Nicknames

When it comes to heroin, statistics show that about 14% of the teens find it easy to find heroin and try it out.

Statistics also show that the people who are prevalent in trying heroin fall under the age range of sixteen and twenty-four.

Overview Description

Heroin is also referred to as diamorphine and it is a highly addictive opiate drug synthesized from what is known as morphine. Morphine is a natural substance hauled out from the seed pod of opium poppy plant. As an opiate analgesic, it functions as a morphine prodrug. This means that for it to work, metabolic conversion to morphine in the body is a necessary requirement. Usually, heroin appears as a black substance that sticks. It can also appear as a white or brown powder all at the same time.

Cautions about heroin

Heroin is a highly addictive and a very strong drug. This opiate drug is difficult to stop once it has got into your system.

Did you know that heroin could also lead to contraction of unimaginable diseases? The truth is, it does bring about some of the dangerous diseases of our time. Continuous intake of this drug could lead to contraction of diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.

Heroin street names and nicknames youths use

The main essence of getting to know about heroin street name is to be conversant with some of the terms the teenagers use when referring to this drug. For instance, this would help you know whether your child or friend, who is a teen in this case, has tried this out or has been under the influence of the same. In other words, you will easily become conversant about the relationship between your child and friend with this drug.

Remember that all these names are common among the teens in the society. Getting conversant with them will put the mind of the young people in you, giving you a proper understanding on some of the secret names given to this highly addictive and deadly drug, from which you should protect your children and friends.

Ideally, the names will create a clear picture to you on how teen around you get under the influence of this drug without your notice. Below are common heroin street names:

  • Chiba or chiva
  • Skag
  • Brown Sugar
  • Dragon
  • Mud
  • Dope
  • Black
  • Black Eagle
  • Black Perl or Black Tar
  • Snow or snowball
  • Number three
  • number four or number eight
  • Skunk
  • sack or scat
  • Tar
  • China white

There is also a combination of heroin and other drugs. The main reason why teens or addicts do a combination of heroin and other drugs is to achieve a certain high. There are also slangs given to such mixed drugs. The following is a list of the heroin street names in the combination:

  • Cold medicine and heroine: Cheese
  • Heroine and Ritalin: Pineapple
  • Heroine and Marijuana: Canade, Atom Bomb or Woolie
  • Ecstasy and Heroin: H Bomb or Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Heroin and Crack: Chocolate Rock, Dragon Rock or Moonrock

In addition to all these, there are street terms for heroin use and abuse. These are some of the names that a teen or even your own child will use in front of you to cite that they intend taking heroin. Below is a list of some of the common names they will use to refer to taking the drug:

  • Chasing the dragon
  • Dip and Dab
  • Five wings
  • Jolly Pop
  • Paper Boy
  • Evening (Coming off the high)
  • Firing the Ack Ack gun
  • Do up

Without the knowledge of some of these terms, it becomes practically very difficult for you to know that your friend your child, in case you have one, is under the influence and addiction of heroin. A proper understanding on these will go a long way in helping you take the necessary action in dealing with the issue. Understanding some of these nicknames, you will find it easy to assess and know for how long one has been in a relationship with such drugs