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  • Ecstasy use can increase heart rate, blood pressure, and heart wall stress.
  • Crack pipes can be made of various common items such as soft drink cans.
  • Fentanyl is such a powerful drug, that it is sometimes used by the military to rapidly incapacitate an individual or kill them.
  • In 2005, among individuals discharged from intensive outpatient drug rehab, men were more likely than women to complete drug rehab or be transferred for further treatment to another drug rehab.
  • Improved breeds of marijuana, indoor cultivation and the use of sophisticated cultivation techniques have allowed marijuana cultivators to make significantly more potent versions of marijuana.
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How To Make Crack Cocaine? Why It's Illegal And What Are The Health Effects?

Every addiction is a cycle, a loop displaying repetitive action. The crack cocaine addiction is also no exception. Before you get out of the cycle of addiction through holistic treatment, you have no other option but to know what is happening under the influence of cocaine in your body.

In any scenario, information is power. This is a general rule about anything and everything in life. If you are addicted to crack, you must be seeking answers to what is happening in your body under its influence. To this end, you should start at the beginning of the cycle, knowing about what is crack, how is it made and how to recover through holistic treatment from the addiction of crack. Before you proceed, here is what you already know, but still needs to be repeated. Crack cocaine is an illegal drug, and if caught with it, it has its usual consequences. The power to withdraw from the addiction is in you, and it can only be achieved by a ruthless analysis of any information regarding crack.

Crack cocaine, or the smoking version of the drug can be made only if you have access to cocaine hydrochloride, or simply cocaine. Of course, you are thinking about withdrawing from the addiction, but not unless your curiosity about the drug is satisfied. To that purpose, you can find in the following steps a detailed guide on how to make it. The ingredients and materials you will need apart from cocaine are a teaspoon, a pan, baking soda, a blunt knife and a measuring cup.

How to make crack cocaine-

You start by measuring about one ounce of cocaine in the measuring cup. Next, you add baking soda to the drug.You add about ¾ cup of water to the mixture.Now, it's time to heat the mixture on a pan.When the mixture begins to bubble, you use the blunt useless knife to flatten the bubbles and continue to do so while cooking. You cook the mixture on the pan unless it is solid white.Now, you place the cocaine on a dry towel to soak the water. (you are almost done)The final step is to put this mixture in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, and, unfortunately, this is how you make crack. It is unfortunate because all this efforts have gone into making a substance that has been declared illegal for its serious negative health effects. The crack can either be freebased (taking in the vapors) or smoked.

Reasons why you are using crack-

You are actually caught between the dialectics of a sense of well being and the consciousness that you are inflicting damage to your body. In addition, there is also the consciousness of a police raid. Crack, like most other drugs creates a sense of artificial well being, producing euphoria and can be used medically, as a pain reliever. Crack also suppresses your appetite and gives you a pleasant after effect.

Effects of crack-

The effect of crack cocaine can be summarized into the psychological and the physiological. Both the psychological as well as physiological effects can be further classified into long term effects and short term effects.

Psychological effect of crack is related to the release of large amount of dopamine in the brain nerve cells. The intensity of the effect withers away after an initial period, leaving the user into a sense of depression. To overcome this depression the user is again prompted to use the drug, thereby feeding the loop. If you want to break the loop, this realization of the nature of the drug cycle is necessary. However, successive hits of the drug do not help to achieve the high because the level of dopamine in the brain takes a sufficiently long time to replenish itself once it plummets to a low. Restlessness and paranoia accompanies the user in the meanwhile. It can even lead to extreme symptoms like delusional parasitosis, where the user begins to feel infested with parasites. There is a typical crawling sense under the skin, and the user may even scratch himself/herself to the extent of bleeding.

The physiological short term effects include increase in body temperature, constricted blood vessels, increased heart rate and dilated pupils. The risk of a cardiac arrest also increases with prolonged use. The dilemma of cocaine-use is that the first high of cocaine-use cannot be achieved and the user continues taking the drug repeatedly to achieve that elusive high. This prolonged use of the drug constantly pushes the user into more negative side effects.