• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Individuals who use Ecstasy often have so much energy that they can dance for hours at a time.
  • During 2010, the number of first time non-medical users of prescription stimulants in the U.S. was 624,000.
  • Among prescription drugs, benzodiazepines were responsible for over 23% of the emergency room visits in 2009 for patients who were seeking detox or substance abuse treatment as the reason for their visit.
  • GHB is sometimes referred to as "somatax", "Georgia Home Boy" and "liquid ecstasy".
  • Anabolic Steroids have the power to boost the bodys ability to produce muscle in order to prevent muscle breakdown.
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How Is Cocaine Used?

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is considered to be a stimulant drug. It causes heightened feelings of euphoria after someone has taken cocaine. It might also permanently change the chemistry of the brain. Although cocaine is not considered to be physically addicted, it is considered to be one of the most psychologically addictive stimulant drugs that users can currently get on the market. Cocaine is a controlled substance. Cocaine comes from the coca plant and has been used for many years where it is grown.

How Do People Take Cocaine?

Cocaine is snorted or taken orally. When users take cocaine orally or through snorting. When the users are taking cocaine orally, it is usually rubbed into their gums. This in turn may the user actually swallow the cocaine on their lips.

How Is Cocaine Used?

Cocaine might be injected intravenously. This is a lot less common and it is also considered the most dangerous way in which an user can consume cocaine. Users that take cocaine this way are at a higher risk of acquiring a respiratory issue or suffering from a cardiac arrest. Users that take cocaine intravenously also are at a higher risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease, hepatitis or HIV.

There is another way in which an user might take cocaine. Cocaine is a substance that can be smoked, but it is generally not done. Users could put cocaine with drugs like marijuana, which can be then rolled into a cigarette. Although cocaine is generally not smoked, it is the most common form of smoking when it comes to crack cocaine, which is made of hard crystals and is impossible to snort. This substance is normally smoked from a glass pipe. . When this is done, users might wrap cocaine up with other drugs like cannabis and smoke it in a hand rolled cigarette at the same time. Smoking is much more common when it comes to crack cocaine, which is cheaper to produce and buy. Smoking is usually done from a glass pipe. Unlike cocaine, crack cocaine is hard and cannot be snorted.

How Does Someone Feel After Taking Cocaine?

Immediately after someone take cocaine, the drug causes the user to feel sudden euphoria and decreases the appetite greatly. It causes the user to be very mentally altert while increasing the heart rate and the blood pressure. It causes dilated pupils and may also constrict the user's blood pressure. The feelings and effect that the user get depend on many factors including the dosage, how long the user has taken cocaine for.

Long term effects of taking cocaine may include a very difficult and intense psychological addiction. It may also cause problems with the cocaine user's sinuses. It may also cause the user to be irritable, paranoid and anxious. In some extreme cases the user may experience aural and visual hallucinations. Since the effect of cocaine directly with the production of dopamine in the brain, the user might have a much harder time feeling happy. Using cocaine for a long time may permanently change the cocaine user's brain.

What Is The Current Legal Status of Cocaine in The United States?

Cocaine is currently considered by the United States of America Food and Drug Administration to be a schedule II drug. This basically means that although cocaine can be prescribed by doctors, it can only be possessed by users who have the right prescription for it. However, cocaine is rarely prescribed currently because better, less addictive medicine has been made to replace it. However, cocaine was a very useful medicine.

How Many People Take Cocaine?

The people that are most likely to take cocaine tend to be young adults that are between the ages of 18 to 25. However it has to be noted that 25% of Americans between their 20s and 30s have used cocaine at least once in their lifetime. This means that 1 in 5 Americans has taken cocaine. oung adults are the population most likely to take cocaine from when they are 18 to 25, but 25% of Americans between their twenties and thirties have tried cocaine at least one time. Men and women are just as likely to take cocaine as each other if they have both dabbled into drugs before. However, cocaine affects the female brain and the male brain completely differently.