• Drug Overdose Facts
  • It is easy to understand why a heroin overdose is more likely than with any other type of an illicit drug, there is no way to determine the exact content or purity of the substance that is being purchased.
  • Many people believe the making the opioid antidote naloxone widely available would reduce to number of deadly overdoses throughout the state.
  • Illicit use of OxyContin has led to the production and distribution of fake OxyContin pills all over North America.
  • After alcohol consumption, sons of alcoholics experience more of the pleasurable physiological effects associated with alcohol use compared with sons of non-alcoholics, although only immediately after drinking.
  • For every $1 invested in drug rehab in the U.S., there is a return of between $4 and $7 in reduced drug-related crime, criminal justice costs, and theft. When savings related to health care costs are included, total savings can exceed costs by a ratio of 12 to 1.
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How is Ecstasy Used?

The chemical called 3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or simply MDMA which is also popularly known as ecstasy is a synthetic drug with psychoactive effects. It is mainly composed with stimulant and hallucinogenic properties such as methamphetamine and mescaline. Ecstasy is known to be a mood elevator that induces a more relaxed and euphoric state-of-being. It was first produced by a German company in the year 1913 with its main purpose as an appetite suppressant. But because of its adversarial effects, ecstasy was never made available in the market. Although ecstasy is often associated as a dangerous and illegal drug, there are some medical practitioners who still believe that ecstasy is not at all dangerous. But until today, even with modern and innovative testing methods, the issue regarding the use of MDMA in the field of medicine remains an argument whether it's boon or bane.

So how is ecstasy used? Oftentimes, ecstasy is usually swallowed in the form of 60 to 120 mg capsule or pills. The pill is usually round in shape with a distinct symbol on it such as a butterfly or a blue dolphin and they also come in different colors. Perhaps, swallowing the pill is the most common way to use ecstasy since it's very convenient for an user will just have to do is swallow it.

There are also some other ways to use ecstasy aside from swallowing it. The pill itself can actually be pulverized turning it into powder form. That way, ecstasy can be mixed into drinks. This is eventually a common scenario when a person unintentionally drunk a drink without his or her full knowledge that the drink has ecstasy since it doesn't really change the taste of the drink. But there is one thing that ecstasy users never do and that is mixing MDMA with alcohol as it was believed that alcohol can only diminish the effects of ecstasy. The chemical then is easily absorbed by the body since the properties were already dissolved in the drink.

Next is through snorting. For those people who are already using ecstasy, swallowing it can sometimes be boring so they find snorting as something new. It is definitely not something nice and glamorous to see and do but it is definitely something very exciting for them. It's done by inhaling the powdered form of the ecstasy. The body will be able to absorb it once the chemicals reach the nasal cavity.

For those more daring and adventurous ecstasy user, they can actually go as far as taking ecstasy through anal ingestion. Again, it's something very unusual that some people eventually think that people who are doing this must be completely out of their mind. But for those who are using ecstasy, it's just merely part of the excitement.

Lastly, ecstasy can also be taken through injections. This method is considered the best because the chemicals instantly mix up with the entire system of a person since it doesn't really have to undergo absorption and digestion like the previous methods. The piercing pain brought about by the needle is also something very exhilarating for the users.

Although there are different methods on how ecstasy is used, the key point there is that except for taking such drug orally and intravenously, some other methods are definitely not practiced by a person on his right mind such as rectally and nasally. Who knows there are already topical applications for ecstasy such as lotions which can contain potent ingredients of ecstasy and can easily penetrate the body though transdermal absorption. Well this is not entirely impossible to happen most especially with the advent of nano technology.

Although the issue whether ecstasy should be legally used to treat psychological illnesses seemed to be vague, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that those people who abuse it have totally ruined their lives entirely. Not only their physical health is at unnecessary risks, they are also destroying their social, emotional and mental state.

Fortunately, addiction to ecstasy can now be treated without using another form of drugs. With proper guidance, counseling, support from the family and the willingness to finally quit, any people who were once doomed their lives with the fancy effects of ecstasy can now change for the better. All they have to do is to understand that improper use of ecstasy can only devastate their lives as well as the people around them