• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Hashish use can affect a mothers and unborn childs health during pregnancy.
  • A 2009 survey regarding American drug use concluded that over 7 million Americans had used prescription medication for non-medical purposes in the past 30 days.
  • A 2004 study found that 9.5% of primary and secondary syphilis cases among heterosexual men were cases in which the male had a history of methamphetamine use, continuing a trend of increases in syphilis cases, from 3.1% in 2001, 6.4% in 2002, and 7.3% in 2003.
  • Because Methadone is a synthetic opiate, it is commonly used to replace other opiate medications such as Vicodin and OxyContin.
  • Researchers have reported that in order for a person to consume enough marijuana to experience a fatal overdose, they would have to consume almost 40,000 times the amount of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) required to intoxicate them. For example, if it took an individual 10 hits to become intoxicated, it would take 400,000 hits of marijuana to produce a fatal overdose.
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Ways Which Marijuana Is Used

Marijuana, or weed as it is often called, is one of the most widely used illegal drugs in America. Though the drug is legal in some countries, America continues to consider the drug as an illicit substance, and in certain amounts punishable by the law. It continues to be debatable however, as younger individuals take control of political office and seek to have it legalized. Some states such as California allow the terminally ill, and those with chronic pain to receive the drug on prescription- even allowing some to grow limited plants on their own. This however, has done little to curb the illegal use of the drug, with many being introduced to marijuana in their teenage years. It is one of the very few illegal substances which heavy use occurs across all age brackets, with the difference being how they use the drug.

Using Marijuana

Marijuana is used in various ways, providing an euphoric high. Users tend to become hungry- or get the munchies as it has been called, when high off the drug. The way marijuana is used depends on the age, and sometimes even the sex of the person using the drug. Whether the user is a drug addict may also affect the way it is used. Marijuana is normally used in these ways:

  • Bong- A way which some who use marijuana regularly smoke it
  • Blunt- Primarily used by males, however some females enjoy marijuana smoked this way
  • Joint- "old school" way to smoke marijuana
  • Mixed With Powdered Coke- Mainly cocaine users use this way to smoke marijuana
  • Mixed with Crack Cocaine- Again crack cocaine users usually smoke their marijuana this way

Bongs and How They are Used

Bongs are a long piece of glass tubing which is used to inhale smoke from marijuana. When lit, all of the smoke which comes from the marijuana will go into the glass tube, allowing the smoker to be engulfed with smoke for a quick, intense high. It is usually used by those who smoke marijuana on a regular basis. There are smoke houses which have these instruments, and allow them to be used. However for the most part, bongs are marijuana paraphernalia which is usually meant for at home use. The high is probably the most potent than all other ways of smoking marijuana- except for blunts.

Smoking Blunts

Blunts were introduced quite a few years back by the hiphop scene. Many rappers would speak of smoking blunts, and as always those who listened followed. Teenagers who aspired to be like their idols begin smoking cigar paper with their marijuana inside. Dumping the tobacco out of course, the marijuana was put in the cigars, licked closed and smoked. This is not meant to be done, as cigar paper is very potent in itself, not only that, but it is difficult to inhale. If you hear someone hacking, they may be smoking a blunt. This is a common way for teens and young adult men to smoke marijuana, however some young females enjoy this harsh way of smoking marijuana as well. The high is intense, but leaves the smoker very hungry and giggly.

Marijuana Joints

Joints are the oldest form of marijuana, as the weed is put in tobacco papers, licked and smoked. There are no extra chemicals, or anything as with cigar papers. Although joints are not as potent as blunts, they are definitely the safer of the two. Older users normally opt for smoking their marijuana this way.

Powdered Coke and Marijuana

Marijuana laced with powdered cocaine has been said to be a relaxing combination. With the stimulant qualities of cocaine, and the relaxing characteristics of marijuana, the user achieves a high which is mellow, but also a bit edgy. Some individuals may experiment and try this, however it is usually those who are already into cocaine who use this form of the drug.

Mixed with Crack Cocaine

Marijuana when laced with crack is similar to powdered cocaine, however it is not as mellow. This high is a bit more stimulating than powdered cocaine on marijuana, yet it is nothing like cocaine itself. The marijuana balances out the cocaine, making for a smooth high which lasts longer than the average hit of coke, but shorter than marijuana alone. Should someone experiment with cocaine and marijuana, it would probably be powdered cocaine, as even when mixed with marijuana cocaine continues to carry the stigma of being a drug for "hypes".

Are There Withdrawals?

Marijuana is used in various ways. Users will achieve a high which lasts for quite a while, and eventually leaves them hungry and tired. Whether addiction occurs is another issue which has been up for debate; most smokers use it regularly, but can go without it if needed. There are no acute physical or mental conditions which occur signaling withdrawal. The only sign which marijuana users may have regarding withdrawals is an intense urge to use the drug. Because it is so inexpensive and abundant, there is usually no problem with users getting the drug- foregoing all possible withdrawals if any would occur.

Risks of Using Marijuana

While marijuana is considered to be a natural substance, it is important to abide by the rules of the state in which a person lives. Some cities such as Chicago, have decided to only give tickets for certain amounts of marijuana, and a fine must be paid. However, there are other cities who continue to see it as a drug which will not be tolerated. It is up to the user to figure out whether smoking this drug is worth any risks imposed. For those who believe they smoke too much of the drug, help is available. Never let anyone tell you that marijuana does not cause addiction. If you believe you are addicted seek help. There are drug free treatment centers which will help you sort your problem with the drug out. Also, marijuana has been known to be a drug which causes further addictions. It is important that users pay attention, and avoid using other drugs in place of, or in addition to marijuana.