• Drug Overdose Facts
  • A crack rock acts as a local anesthetic which numbs the tongue or mouth when it is directly placed in such an area.
  • Chronic abuse of alcohol can compromise the balancing functions of the kidneys, causing severe consequences on kidney function and the body.
  • Girls who begin dieting in sixth grade are more likely to engage in alcohol abuse in the future.
  • Ambien addiction occurs quite easily if the user begins to abuse the drug by taking more of the drug than has been prescribed.
  • Many drug rehab centers across the U.S. are seeing double and triple digit increases in the number of clients that are entering drug rehab programs for a heroin addiction.
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How Is Meth Used?

Methamphetamine or Meth for short is one of the most commonly abused drugs today. It is a very powerful stimulant drug that highly affects some certain activities that happens inside the brain. The chemical composition of Meth is closely related to amphetamine; however, Meth has greater effects to the central nervous system. The drug is basically intended for the treatment of obesity but its therapeutic use is highly limited.

Now, what makes Meth an excellent drug for those who abuse it? Meth actually induces the production of high levels of neurotransmitter specifically dopamine. Increased amount of dopamine synthesis inside the body stimulates the brain cells enhancing bodily movements and the mood. Studies have also shown that Meth has a neurotoxic effect which means that it severely damages the brain cells that has dopamine and serotonin which are both neurotransmitters. Long-term used of meth can somehow decrease dopamine synthesis instead of increasing it and this can result to severe movements like the symptoms manifested in a person who has Parkinson's disease.

How is meth used? The answer actually depends on what form of meth is being used. Meth comes in a number of forms that it can also be used in several ways. It can be orally ingested, smoked, snorted and injected. How meth is taken will also depend on how it will alert the moods of a person.

When taken orally, meth can be ingested into pills, capsules or tablets. Originally, this is how meth is being produced. But unlike any other abusive drugs, oral ingestion of meth is not that common. Although oral ingestion of meth is convenient, the chances of interacting with some other chemical components inside the body such as alcohol are very possible. Not only that it will take some time before it is finally absorbed by the body, alcohol can also diminish its effect. Meth is easily diluted so the body won't really be able to absorb all the chemical components of Meth which is suppose to provide the expected effects.

When smoked, meth is in the form of powder. Smoking meth became very popular in the year 1980's and it was given a street name 'ice'. It appears like a clear crystal of high purity and it can be smoked using a glass pipe. The same thing that usually happens when using cracked cocaine. The smoke is almost odorless and it leaves some residue that can be reused again giving off the same effects that can last for up to twelve hours. Smoking is also the most common way on how is meth used.

Next is the most unusual and that is through snorting the powdered form of meth. When meth is being snorted, it will go directly through the nasal cavity where it will be absorbed and take effect. For some users, the method of snorting is something very exciting to do.

The last but not the least is through intravenous application. This method works the fastest as meth is directly infused inside the body through the veins and with the use of injection and meth solution. There are also some users who can even do the injection to their own selves since they already know how to spot the vein in which they are going to pierce the needle.

The methods can be categorized into two: direct and indirect application. Under the direct application are the methods smoking and injections and under the indirect application are oral ingestion and snorting. As it was said earlier, how long meth will take effect and what are its effect will depend on how it was taken. With the methods on how meth is used in smoking and injections, the drug instantly takes effect and the user would experience intense rush that can be described as terribly pleasurable. Its effect will only last for a few minutes so users tend to take even more. Both oral ingestion and snorting provides euphoric effect. Basically, the difference between euphoria and rush is that euphoria brings a person at high but not rush. Oral ingestion takes effect within 15 to 20 minutes while snorting takes about 3 to 5 minutes.

When a person exhibits addiction to meth, it's always best to treat him not with the use of other drugs but through confining him in a rehabilitation facility where he can be properly guided on how to completely quit the habit.