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  • Coma and seizures can occur following heavy use of GHB.
  • Anabolic steroid use can have a profound impact on a teens behavior, and many young users report an increased sense of self-esteem when they are under the influence of these highly potent drugs.
  • Demand for Safrole, which is used in the manufacture of Ecstasy, has resulted in rapid and illicit harvesting in Southeast Asia, in particular the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia.
  • Diabetics tend to struggle with weight gain, and alcohol contributes additional calories that can add to this problem.
  • GHB and its analogues are commonly used by individuals who believe that the substance can to increase sexual prowess, suggestibility, and passivity, which puts these users at risk of sexual attacks and various other forms of illegal criminal activity.
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How Is Morphine Used?

Morphine is mainly ingested in many different prescriptions for pain medications. It can either be used for short-term or long-term treatment for mild to severe pain. But most medical practitioners recommend limited use of morphine to the shortest period of time possible since morphine is a narcotic drug. Once taken, morphine immediately binds with opioid receptors all throughout the body and then produces a number of various effects.

Morphine is found to be very useful for people who are dying from severe diseases as it helps to relieve shortness of breath, relieves pain and anxiety and helps the patient sleep. It can also be used for patients who just undergone a major operation.

So how is morphine used then? Well, the drug actually comes in several forms depending on how it can be used. The most common form is through oral solution with the use of tablets ingested with morphine. Although morphine is not considered as an illegal drug and is widely sold in pharmaceutical stores, the drug however is not considered as an over-the-counter drug which means that anyone who is planning to buy such drug will need a prescription from a physician to legally purchase the product. Morphine pills, tablets or capsules are very convenient. As long as you have the prescription from your doctor, you can readily go to the pharmacy and buy it. The fact that it is readily available in the pharmacies is also the fact that it is very accessible for those who would like to abuse morphine.

Another method on how to use morphine is through intravenous procedure in which the morphine is directly infused to the system through the use of injections and the liquid form of morphine. But unlike the ones in tablet forms, liquid morphine is not as accessible to the public. Its application method is as well not as easy as that of swallowing a tablet. You will absolutely need someone who knows how to perform intravenous therapy such as the professionals in the hospitals like the nurse or doctor. Doing it all by yourself should definitely not an option unless you have adequate knowledge on how to use injections like if you are a doctor perhaps. Nevertheless, morphine injectables are not that directly sold in the pharmacy so you don't have any other choice but to take the shots with a professional who do not only know how to use the injections properly but who can also assess how much dosage is just right for you. It may be painful and a bit costly but the relief is almost instant unlike morphine tablet which still need to pass through your digestive system before it takes effect.

The last but not the least on how is morphine used is through intrathecal pump. It is most likely similar to injections but is more innovative. An intrathecal pump is basically an implantable, battery-operated and programmable device that stores and delivers medication according to how it was instructed to work. The pump has a reservoir which can hold 20ml up to 40ml of morphine solution. The pump is implanted through a surgery and can be refilled through its catheter. It can be rationalized that intrathecal pump works the fastest as compared to taking tablets and having morphine shots since the morphine is directly infused through the spinal cord. Since it directly works with the central nervous system, the patient can instantly feel the instant relief from pain.

Those are all the methods on how is morphine used. But what about its adversarial effects and how come it is considered as an addictive substance? Just as most medicines have side-effects especially if improperly used, morphine as well has its own share of side-effects such as drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness and excessive sweating. Morphine side-effects are not as severe compared to other drugs. In fact, the worst thing that can happen are just constipation, dysphoria and euphoria. But other than that, morphine is not really harmful to humans provided that it's being used properly.

Morphine is certainly an addictive drug if precautionary measures are not taken seriously. Addiction to morphine may refer to a person's dependence with the drug. For some, taking such drug has become a part of their habit and it eventually became hard for them to quit using. For other people, they use morphine for its euphoric effect. However, the effect of morphine depends on how the body reacts to it such that some people experience extreme joy while others feel the other way around. That is why supervision of a professional is very essential for those people who take morphine. It's also best to get immediate help as possible when you notice someone manifesting morphine addiction as this is highly treatable without even using and complementary drugs.