• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Crystal meth addicts often exchange sex for the drug, exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
  • Deaths from methadone typically occur at the beginning of methadone treatment programs, and are usually a result of excessive doses of the drug.
  • In animal studies involving cocaine, if the animal survives after a heavy dose of cocaine it will return to the task of obtaining more of the drug.
  • There is a large body of evidence that indicates that relapse is especially high among individuals that continue to associate with individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol.
  • Individuals who consume magic mushrooms often experience a loss of reality may and severe anxiety and paranoia can occur.
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Marijuana Addiction Treatment -At a Glance

Getting addicted to anything is bad, and if it involves anything remotely related to drugs of any kind, you can be sure of the fact that there are few things worse than that. Marijuana, or cannabis, which is one of the many names it is called by, is a major cause of addiction, especially among the young, teen crowd that just enters high school or college, and is something to be quite concerned about. Marijuana is illegal for regular use almost everywhere in the world, but there is a small exception - it is legal to use marijuana in controlled conditions and amounts, only for medical use. This small allowance has led to people misusing it for their own benefit, smuggling marijuana out on the pretext of medical illness, or getting admitted into hospitals for nonexistent symptoms of diseases that require the use of marijuana for treatment. The levels to which marijuana addiction takes people can be strange, if not terrifying, to most people, but the truth is that marijuana does drive people to extreme levels to acquire it. Once addicted, people who don't receive their daily dose of marijuana become crazy, literally.

The treatment for marijuana addiction is wide and diverse, from psychiatric to drug-based to drug-free and holistic. Psychiatric treatments usually involve therapy, combined with controlled dosage of counter-acting drugs that help the patient lose his addiction. Therapy in turn involves one on one talk sessions that have an impact on the patient's mind, going into his sub conscious and making him try to lose the addiction. These talks, combined with the drugs that are given to the patient, help the brain realize and recognize that marijuana is a bad thing, and the will to free him of the addiction comes from within, which is always the best way to lose it. However, psychiatric treatments can take quite long, extending up to months at times, which might not be feasible to everyone. Usually, people want shorter, quick treatments, and this takes us to the drug-based treatment.

Drug based treatment is still in its infancy, as not many drugs have been developed that can cure marijuana addiction all by themselves. While many products exist on the market that claim to cure people of marijuana addiction just using stand alone drugs, it is important to remember that none of these work as they are supposed to, owing to the very fact that there hasn't been substantial research that guarantees the working of a drug in the treatment of marijuana addiction on its own. A lot of research is currently going on in this field, since making a breakthrough would mean a revolution in the way marijuana addiction treatment is treated, and would provide the world with a quick and effective way to solve the problem.

The third way to treat marijuana addiction, the drug-free, holistic way, is a bit like the psychiatric way, minus the drugs. Another thing that makes this way unique is that people work with each other, in groups, under the supervision of other people, to treat themselves of marijuana addiction, instead of one on one session with a psychiatrist, which can be both boring and expensive. There are many self help groups all over the world that encourage people who want to treat their addiction to come and attend, talk to each other and help each other leave the addiction. While this may sound too general and easy to be true, nothing works better than people helping each other out to treat of addiction. The holistic way of treating marijuana addiction is to install a moral integrity value in people and provide them with an emotional support system, and make them realize for themselves what a bad thing marijuana is.

The whole point about the holistic way of treatment is to make the patient be able to distinguish the good from the bad, and to control themselves with regard to taking marijuana. Once a person is able to identify what is a good thing and what isn't, it becomes easier to stay away from the bad thing, especially if the person is spiritual, and knows in his heart that is a bad thing to get addicted to drugs. A fear of God can also be instilled in the patient to make sure he does not cross his spiritual boundaries. There are many similar steps involved in the holistic process and all of them ultimately lead to the patient becoming aware of his addiction and losing it himself, step by step.