• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Anabolic steroids can have profound physiological effects, the most notable of which is that it promotes the growth of skeletal muscle and androgenic effects that foster the development of male sexual characteristics.
  • Ativan is a mild tranquilizer as well a sedative and can produce a calming, trance like state in some individuals.
  • According to recent government statistics, the drug overdose death toll in the United States has more than doubled in the last decade; drug overdose related deaths are currently reported to claim a life every 14 minutes in this country.
  • Including family therapy in the treatment curriculum at a drug rehab can provide successful results, especially for adolescents.
  • Anabolic steroids often cause changes in the brain and body that can increase the risk for physical illness and mood disorders.
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Marijuana Pictures

How Do People Take Marijuana?

It is really important to be aware of the basics when it comes to drugs. The effects of marijuana are very visible, but it is also important to see exactly how marijuana is taken. Like a lot of other illegal substances, marijuana can be consumed in several different ways. Users may decide to smoke marijuana by itself or with tobacco or 'smoke mixes'. Users may also decide to use smoking devices like a bong or a vaporizes to ingest marijuana.

Depending on how an user has chosen to take marijuana, the experience that each user has can be completely different. The effects also vary a lot regionally, since some marijuana is produced locally whereas some might be imported. Regional location may also affect the way people take marijuana. Where in Europe it is commonplace to smoke with tobacco, marijuana is often smoked in bongs and by itself on this side of the Atlantic.

What Are The Effects of Marijuana?

The quickest effect is a relaxation and peace that the user feels straight after smoking or eating cannabis. The user might also get the giggles, which is an increased urge to laugh and become a lot more sensitive to humorous situation around him or herself, he or she will also get hungry, which is frequently called the munchies. Marijuana may cause nausea and often causes the users to experience a shift in their perception of time: for instance, the user might feel like time is going very slowly or less commonly, very quickly.

Users that take marijuana may also get headaches. Extended smoking can cause coughing and asthma. Some cannabis users experience anxiety, dizziness and light-headedness. Some users have actually fainted from taking marijuana. An user is also more likely to have a panic attack, especially if they have smoked or eaten a big dose of marijuana.

What Are The Withdrawal Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana users could have problems getting to sleep at night, since insomnia is one of the symptoms which sets on quickest. It is also one of the most noticeable. Frequent marijuana users could feel irritable after not taking marijuana and could have a drop in their mood in general. Users that have stopped smoking marijuana may also feel bouts of anxiety. Marijuana users have turned back to smoking the drug to take control of these symptoms. The symptoms depend on how long the user has been smoking marijuana for and how much she or he had smoked during a certain time period.

What Are The Types of Marijuana?

Although marijuana is most frequently smoked as a herb that many people put in pipes, bongs or cigarettes, many marijuana users choose to smoke hash instead. The way hash is made is simple: they take the small and strong crystals that have fallen off of the marijuana plant and then make it into a strong and hard substance that needs to be burned with a lighter before users can crumble it and smoke it. Hash is popular because users need a lot less hash to achieve the same effect they would want to achieve when smoking marijuana. , users might also decide to smoke hash. Hash is made by collecting the strong crystals that fall off the marijuana and making it into a hard substance that users have to burn before crumbling and smoking it. The crystals that the marijuana sheds when it is smoked are called kief and can also be smoked. When users smoke with kief, it also takes them a lot less to achieve the same high they would achieve from smoking marijuana in herb form. These are some marijuana pictures:

A cube of hash:

What some marijuana looks like:

It must be noted that marijuana has a lot of different strands and can look different from other marijuana plants when it comes to colors and crystals content.

There are other ways to smoke cannabis, some of which are cheaper and some of which are more expensive. The high concentration in THC in some cannabis strands and in some methods of smoking can be dangerous for a non-experienced user in that it may cause anxiety attacks. Marijuana is particularly dangerous for teenagers, since it has been proven to have a link with developing mental illness in adulthood.