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  • Individuals who abuse OxyContin do so in an attempt to experience the euphoric effects, stop pain, and avoid withdrawal symptoms associated with OxyContin or heroin abstinence.
  • Individuals who use methamphetamine are keen about the rapid vaporization of the drug, and spread the powdered methamphetamine on aluminum foil, heat the foil, and inhale the fumes that are released.
  • Alcohol which cannot be processed by the liver goes into the blood where any additional alcohol makes its way to body tissues and blood stream, until the liver can process the excess alcohol.
  • When cocaine is smoked or used intravenously, it greatly increases the risk of a potentially fatal overdose due to respiratory or coronary complications.
  • The current high incidences of Ambien overdose reports in the United States, have been linked to user's that have developed a tolerance to the prescription sleep aid, and must take higher amounts of the medication in order to produce the desired effects.
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Marijuana Street Names

When we talk about marijuana, usually the first thing that comes into our mind is this type of prohibited drug that is often used by addicts for recreational smoking or to sell out to other potheads for money. Though this drug has been considered illegal in most countries, the selling and distribution is still prolific that sellers even have to come up with some other names just to cover up their "supply" to the authorities. In this article, we are going to discuss the different marijuana street names that have been used in the open by its users and of those doing business with it. This article aims to provide useful information to be familiar with these other slang names and how they were able to derive such terms in such a way that it would be understood by all users and pushers everywhere.

Some Facts About Marijuana:

Before we proceed into knowing these infamous marijuana street names, let's try to know more about marijuana and why do some people resort into using this drugs to the point that they will be hooked by it. By definition, marijuana is a type of preparation from the cannabis plant to be used as a psychoactive drug and other medicinal purposes. It is due to its hallucinogenic effects that some individuals used it improperly and become potheads or addicts of this drug. Now, why do some people choose to take marijuana? Here are the top 3 reasons, according to some studies:

1. A way for escaping the real world - marijuana is known to stimulate psychedelic episodes once induced. And potheads will very much welcome that sensation even for a moment just to escape the pressures and problems they have in real life.

2. Peer pressure - some people who are considered to be popular in some groups in the society often smoke marijuana because they think it is cool. They will use their popularity to entice others and those who are dying to be in the "in" crowd will gladly smoke marijuana just to belong in their circle.

3. Use it as means to "shock" or to "shut down" the body - this is common among all the celebrity marijuana users. Being an entertainer or a public figure can be very strenuous. The stress and the pressures of work will eventually take toll on the body. That's why some celebrities resort into using marijuana to "stimulate" the body whenever needed or to use it as the depressant in times when the body get overly-excited and get rest.

Some Popular Marijuana Street Jargons:

The using of marijuana has been rampant to almost anywhere, marijuana street names have evolved throughout time just to cover up the use of this drug. Here are some famous street names that are recognized by most potheads everywhere and their corresponding meanings:

1. Joint - it is the one method of smoking marijuana. This is simply prepared by wrapping a piece of dried marijuana leaves on a piece of paper and smoke it in the same way as a cigarette.

2. Weed - another term pertaining to cannabis which is derived from the plant origins of drug (as it looks similar to a typical weed).

3. Pot - another slang for the said drug. Those who are already addicted or are known to frequently use marijuana are called "potheads".

Other terms all pertaining to marijuana includes: Acapulco Red, African Black, Airplane, Baby, Bar, Black Bart, Cannabis Tea, Cavite All Star, Crazy Weed, Fu, and Gangster.

And here are 10 of some recent variations of marijuana slang created by users:

1. A-bomb - marijuana and heroin combined to be smoked like that of a cigarette.

2. Amp joint - a type of marijuana cigarette that is laced up by some type of narcotic component.

3. Basuco - and expensive preparation of marijuana where the joint is sprinkled with cocaine all over.

4. Blue Sky Bond - a variety of very potent marijuana originating from the country of Columbia.

5. Bogart a joint - the tendency of the user to be greedy on the joint he's smoking into and not shared it to other potheads.

6. Budda - a very potent type of marijuana joint that is spiked with opium.

7. Cartucho - a package of marijuana cigarettes.

8. Gunney sack - a type of marijuana stored from sacks made with hemp fiber.

9. Love Boat - a type of marijuana dipped in PCP or formaldehyde.

10. Munchies - a slang used to describe the intense hunger felt after using marijuana.

NOTE: These are some of the many street names used in the past or present as there are actually several more slang invented just to codify the usage of marijuana.


Until today users and pushers are still scheming for new sets of slang to hide their illegal trade of selling and using this prohibited drug. It is best that we should at least be informed about these marijuana street names so that easily recognize users and prevent ourselves from being with their company. Hopefully, you have gained more information about this article.