• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Heroin users who snort or smoke the drug often graduate to injection because their bodies become conditioned to the drug and the effects become less intense.
  • As of 2010, 8.1% of 8th graders, 5.7% of 10th graders, and 3.6% of 12th graders had abused inhalants at least once in the year prior to being surveyed.
  • Individuals who abuse Valium will typically take much higher doses of the drug than would ever be prescribed at one time or in a short period of time in an attempt to achieve some kind of a high.
  • About 159,000 first-year college students will drop out of school next year for alcohol- or other drug-related reasons.
  • Heroin users who inject the drug risk infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.
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Effectual Opium Addiction Treatment

An opiate addiction can devastate one's life. It can also cause mayhem on the relations with coworkers and family. Due to these and several other issues, opium abuse is considered to be a significant health concern all over the World. However, there is help for people who suffer from opiate addiction. There are numerous resources and opium addiction treatments offered that can be carried out at home in order to break free from the addiction to opiates. The holistic and natural treatments are also available that can help to cleanse the body and fortify the mind and spirit.

Here are few effectual opium addiction treatments that can prove to be highly beneficial.

Holistic Therapy:

Eastern techniques of healing are employed to train recovering addicts how to appraise their sentiments and cope with associated anguish. Thoughts can often be the source of stressful physical sensations and holistic therapy assists in identifying negative thoughts that cause anxiety, despair and addictive behavior.

Motivation Therapy:

Some opium addiction treatments make use of behavioral strategies, motivation and spiritual approaches to aid drug addicts start new lives. Social rehabilitation, alteration in risk behavior as well as life skills are coached to assist with the successful opium addition withdrawal and to encourage new, healthy lifestyles. These methods in motivational programs vary but, in general, they are designed to develop self-esteem so the rehabilitated addict can start focusing on productive living.


An integral part of traditional Chinese medication, acupuncture entails the placement of thin needles in the skin to accentuate healing. As per the Chinese medical theory, the needles transmit the surge of Chi or life force, at certain physical spots called meridians. Even though the medical study into acupuncture is meager, it has been mostly positive for curing addiction.


This may be carried out in an outpatient setting or a rehab. It begins with detoxification which implies quitting opium and getting through the preliminary withdrawal symptoms. Then it goes into a period of maintenance which signifies learning to exist without depending on the drug. This treatment procedure is based on the notion that addiction is an illness that requires specific medical steps to overcome. This is one of the most common opium addiction treatments.

Animal Therapy:

Animal or pet assisted therapy cures addicts by assisting them to connect with animals in a non-threatening way. The main objective of this opium addiction treatment is to break social isolation, enhance self-esteem and diminish any feelings of apprehension and fury that repeatedly comes with drug addiction. Animal therapy makes the victim feel good not only during the specific frame of time he undergoes the therapy, but it also assists the addicts in the long run by building steady relationships based on intimacy and trust.

Meditation and Self-worth Building:

Guided meditation and constructive affirmations help many addicts give up their drug addiction. These rehabilitations that emphasizes on self-worth through various programs assist in improving self-confidence and re-program the thought patterns. Moreover, new principles and self-esteem are instilled in the addicts mind through meditation methods.

Support Group:

The best opium addiction treatment a recuperating patient could receive is the whole-hearted support of his or her family, relatives, friends and colleagues. These people can stage involvement and support the victim in all their constructive ventures and also offer help in all the requirements that they happen to come across.


It may also be essential to alter the victim's lifestyle. This denotes staying away from the enticement and yearnings for opiates. For some addicts, staying away from particular friends is important. Additionally, keeping the mind healthy and focused right through the opium addiction treatment process is crucial. Conquering opiate dependence can be quite difficult, but it can surely be done with determination. Furthermore, the best approach to uphold a clean lifestyle and refrain from getting back to old routine can be achieved by making sure that the addict gets sufficient physical exercises. Exercise invigorates the body as well as mind which provides the victim a re-energized enthusiasm for life and all the offerings it bears. The victims receive a very fresh look on the ways to deal with the different aspects of life.

Finally, it comes down to the opium addict himself. Unless he sustains a strong inner resolve to undergo the whole opium addiction treatment programs, the endeavor or the rehabilitation process will not bear a positive outcome. But, with perseverance an addict can fruitfully win the war against drugs!