• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Depending on how much hashish has been taken, effects can vary depending on the way it is administered.
  • Individuals who become hooked on Vicodin commonly need to take higher and higher dosages of Vicodin to achieve the desired effects.
  • Adolescents in the 10th and 12th grade report the lowest rates of inhalant abuse in the nation.
  • According to recent data that has been compiled by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the group that has reported the highest increases in death by drug overdose within the past several years are reported to be middle-aged white females and teenagers and young adults that are between the ages of 16-24 that live in southern portions of the United States.
  • Ecstasy is a popular drug among youth and young adults of all backgrounds and ethnicities, and is commonly used as a party or club drug.
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Opium Information

Opium also known as poppy tears or scientifically called Lachryma papaveris is a highly addictive substance obtained from dried latex. The opium poppy a narcotic substance scientifically known as Papaver somniferum seed pods are used to make opium. Usually sap is obtained traditionally be splitting unripe pods. The sap is allowed to seep out and dry on outer surfaces of the pods. The fluid exposed to air hardens and becomes yellow-brown in color or black. Dried forms of opium are smoked or eaten. It is known to contain different substances in varying amounts like alkaloids such as morphine. It is mainly in Burma and Afghanistan.

Opium Poppy is one of the most dangerous substances in society due to addiction effects. Chronic use of opium in society has been a long time problem, bringing down youthful persons, breaking families, and destroying society at large. Over time, the substance has been chemically altered or taken in different ways that pose danger to users although traditionally it was an important substance in society since in olden days it was used for pain relief and for surgical purposes. In the traditional society it was voted helpful or useful substance but currently the trends of intake have worsened and it has become dangerous due to modifications that have been done.

It has been used to relieve extreme pain usually prescribed to cancer patients. Though quite helpful, it is addictive, very expensive, and sometimes when misused, it has lethal effects on the body system. Addiction occurs when the drug is imprinted in the memory which happens like a pleasant form of euphoria the person has to the drug. This imprint causes the memory motivate the person look for the drug. It is thus a learning process which will initiate a craving appetite for the drug. The need for the drug can be due to circumstances one is going through like when one feels bad and is used to the drug to thus uses it make him feel good, and when one is in a situation with people who have a common habit like smoking.

Opium like many other addictive drugs leads to increased confidence of the person in the drug. This will directly lead to less confidence and importance of the normal life of the person. The physical level of the person is weakened, and then psychologically one is derailed. Normally, individuals who abuse opium, mostly feel symptoms like drowsiness, general dizziness, and dry mouth even if they use enough fluids, an increased pulse rate and sometimes constipation. On the higher level of addiction, the person may not fill sense in life and thus leads to continued reliance on the drug for survival. To some extent, the affected individuals resent other people, family members, activities, places and society which do not fit to their drug needs.

It proves quite hard sometimes to withdraw from opium addiction since the person suffers many symptoms like drowsiness, depression, loss of appetite and severe pain. The life after a decision to withdraw form the drug may be tormenting hard times that one has to overcome, but they have to be promising since it is a way to healthy life. One should be determined to get away the addiction since it is a horrific lifestyle. Opium rehabs are the best options one can choose to do away with problems associated with opium addiction. The rehab places are most often equipped with medical treatments and behavioral treatments and normal cognitive treatments that can help one get to normal. Behavioral treatments and cognitive treatments methods are the best combination in opium rehabilitation to successfully treat the problems associated. It involves encouraging the person to start changing life to end opium use.

Some of the ways involved are total engagement in recreational activities necessary to the person to get hold of him and the opium habit. These can also be involved in the recovery process to recover fully from effects associated with the drug. Activities considered important socially and occupationally or for recreationally are usually given priority to shape the person back to normal life. The best voted means of dealing with opium addiction is behavioral and cognitive treatments. This is due to the fact that it aims at changing the human mind, alters the benefits of using opium and soothes the punishments that come with opium addiction.