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  • In the workplace, Americans in the north central region of the United States have the highest prevalence of heavy alcohol use (8.8%).
  • As cocaine passes through many hands from the importer to the user, it is usually diluted ("cut" or "stepped on") at each stage of distribution from about 95% pure to as little as 1% pure in some cases.
  • During 2010, the average age at first time non-medical use of the prescription opioid OxyContin was 22.8 years old among individuals aged 12 to 49.
  • Individual counseling as part of drug rehab not only focuses on reducing or stopping illicit drug or alcohol use but other areas which may need particular focus such as employment status, illegal activity, and family/social relations.
  • Fentanyl pain patch manufacturers have voluntarily recalled several lots of their patches, and the FDA has issued public health advisories in regards to their use.
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Opium Addiction: Origin and Traits of an Opium Addict

The opium statistics since the 18th century reveal how the popularity of opium has increased over the centuries. Opium cultivation and smoking originated in the Far East. It spread in the west especially through the Asian workers, who migrated to Europe and America.

European officers, who were stationed in Asia, also took opium with them and introduced this addiction to the west.

Opium Statistics: One of the most abused painkillers

Opium has long been known to possess the ability to kill pain. Before being banned as an addictive drug, opium was even recommended by doctors. Even today, many painkillers contain opium in small quantities. That is why, people, who take painkillers often, become addicted to them.

Opium is not always present in its exact form in medicines. Rather, its natural derivatives such as morphine, codeine, and its synthetic ones like hydrocodone can be found in them.

Why do people turn to opium?

Most of the time, it is out of curiosity that a person becomes an addict. Many opium statistics have even pointed out that despite being aware of its severe negative effects people consume opium.

Actually, the incredible effects of opium on the brain and body entice people to try it for the first time.

After inhaling the intoxicating fumes of this drug, a person experiences the following effects:

- Feeling of relaxation

Opium relaxes the mind of the smoker. The breathing slows down and the person enters a state of unconsciousness. In this state, the smoker is in grave danger of dying because of an overdose.

Many of the opium statistics have displayed that the deaths have mostly occurred when inhalation of opium is combined with consumption of alcohol.

- State of complete bliss

The opium statistics show that people become attracted to opium because it 'frees' the mind from worries and stress. As the drug affects the central nervous system of the addict, they fail to distinguish between imagination and reality.

The person feels happiness and experiences complete cut off from the reality. All their worries seem to disappear. Many opium addicts even experience a phase of increased sensual pleasure.

How to recognize an opium addict

Opium addiction is still rampant. If your friend or a family member is an addict, it is never too late to make help available to them. However, as the opium is an illegal drug, there is not much possibility that the person will confide in you.

However, you can very easily detect whether a person is an opium addict by checking these symptoms and behavioral patterns:

- Borrowing money

As the person becomes addicted to opium, its craving appears recurrently. Moreover, opium addicts require more quantity of opium to feel the same level of pleasure as the previous session.

Many times, because of increasing need to purchase of opium, addicts go broke and under such circumstances, they tend to borrow from their friends. In case, your friend asks for money at short intervals, there could be chances that they have become addicted.

- Slurred speech and bad posture

The opium statistics clearly manifest that even first-time opium smokers have incomprehensible speech. Check whether your friend has difficulty in framing sentences. Many times, opium addicts even make out-of-context statements.

Opium is known to kill appetite. Consequently, the addict displays lack of energy and has droopy shoulders.

- Long spells of tiredness

Does your friend avoid any interaction after a party or an active outing? If so, then they could be an addict. The opium statistics testify that addicts go through periods of fatigue after a bout of enthusiasm and excitement.

- Change in the appearance of pupils

Opium abuse leads to shrinking of pupils. With its repeated usage, the pupils reduce to the size of a pin and remain that way forever. Many addicts try to hide this symptom by wearing sunglasses.

- Lack of personal hygiene

The longing for opium becomes so strong that it becomes impossible for the addict to pay attention to other aspects of their lives including personal hygiene. Their skin becomes excessively clammy which enhances their unhygienic looks.

What to do when you find any of the above symptoms

The presence of one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms are a strong indication that your friend is an opium addict. Talk to your friend affectionately and offer help. Your friend may not admit it at first but eventually they will.

Once they agree to get rid of the addiction, you may contact any of the institutions offering holistic, drug-free treatments against opium addiction.