• Drug Overdose Facts
  • During 2008, past-month use of PCP was reported by 0.6 percent of high school seniors.
  • In several states deaths as a result of prescription drugs now exceed those from motor vehicle accidents, with opiate painkillers like Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin being the main culprits.
  • Caffeinated alcoholic drinks are becoming more and more popular, and two leading brands together experienced a 67-fold increase in sales, from 337,500 gallons in 2002 to 22,905,000 gallons in 2008.
  • Crack cocaine is popular among people in poor urban areas.
  • Individuals high on PCP may experience severe mood disorders and amnesia may also occur.
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Opium Street Names

For opium users, there are many opium street names that are tossed around. The terms differ between age groups, and different areas, as well as the dealers and the purchasers, but there are many common terms and opium street names that have been tossed around for use, purchase, and for the actual drug itself. Depending on who is using the terms, and whether they are referring to purchasing and selling, or to the actual use, is going to differ amongst the individuals, and where they are from, as well as the new terms that come to be in different areas, and with younger users who are turning to the drug.

Some of the most commonly used opium street names includes:

  • big O;
  • black stuff or black pill;
  • Chinese molases or Chinese tobacco; or,
  • dream stick.

These are terms that are tossed around for the actual opium drug, and are commonly used between the buyer and their dealer, when they are arranging a transaction.

As times have changed, and there are newer and younger generations using the drugs, and as police have learned many of these common terms, and have busted dealers and users, new opium street names are constantly added to the vernacular, and are used when arranging for a transaction and sale. Regardless of the terms, there are many unique names that users and their dealers come up with, in order to describe the use of, the sale of, and the drug itself, when it is sold and consumed on the streets.

There are many reasons to know these opium street names, their meanings, and why they are used. As a parent of a child you suspect might be using, if you hear any of these terms, or similar terms, you might find out the root cause of their change in mood or behavior. Or, as a friend of an user, if you hear these terms being used, you might know how to confront them about the use, or the possible use, so that you can help get them the help they need to try to quit, and get clean. The same goes for teachers, co workers, or others who know an individual they suspect of using opium, or any other drugs. By learning these common opium street names and terms, you can spot who and why they are using, and you can try to confront the individual so that you can help them to find the help and treatment they need, to get past their addiction and their addictive tendencies.

As each user is going to be a little different, some might use less commonly known terms, in order to hide the addiction, or to better shield their use. If this is the case, as a parent or friend, you have to spot their changes in mood, behavior, and their overall expressions, in addition to learning the common terms, so that you can find the best methods of confronting them, and possibly getting them to agree to treatment, and help for the addiction they are dealing with. There are many reasons people turn to opium, and other drugs; and, addiction is something that can happen very quickly. Therefore, it is important to spot the changes, learn these terms, and learn the best methods of confronting the user, to ensure they eventually stop the use, and get the help they need when they are dealing with a case of addiction and need treatment to get past the use and abuse of the drugs.

When you are able to get through to the user, and want to find the best treatment options, an inpatient drug facility is the top option to consider. By turning to a facility that goes through a holistic treatment form, and does not allow the patient to use other medications or drugs during detox and the entire treatment, are some things that you want to look for. By completely eliminating the opium, and other medications, patients will learn that they do not need these things in their lives, and will learn how to live a drug free life, as well as living without having to rely on other medications, to help them get past one addiction they are dealing with.