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  • Being in a drug rehab setting while coming off of Lortab makes it less likely that the individual will relapse back into use of the drug.
  • Individuals in methadone maintenance may sometimes find it difficult to stay clean and feel as though they are working every day to pay for their daily methadone dose, and can quickly begin to experience burn out.
  • Fevers associated with drug withdrawal should be monitored closely to ensure that this is not the result of an underlying infection, which should be treated immediately.
  • In the Atlanta area, reports show an escalation in the amount of female crack users in their thirties with no prior drug history.
  • Females who use anabolic steroids over an extended period of time can begin to have serious problems with their menstrual cycles due to the fact that these drugs disrupt the maturation and the release of eggs from the ovaries.
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Oxycontin Addiction Statistics

Oxycontin is a drug that has a hold on a number of individuals. Oxycontin or Oxy as it is known by its street name, is a drug in the opiate family that has a powerful effect on a number of individuals. This drug in its pure form is a widely prescribed pain killer. The drug however, has been anything but safe, in terms of it addictive potential. It is is misused and abused by any number of users. It is estimated that over 1,000 deaths are attributed directly to Oxycontin. It is a dangerous drug with a great potential for addiction. Many people struggle with issues pertaining to this drug. Oxycontin statistics can be startling because they are so high. This drug is a substance that can really take its toll on the individual, the family system, and the community at large.

Some of the other statistics in relation to this powerful drug are that Oxycontin theft is also a major problem. It is estimated that over 2.000 Oxycontin related crimes were committed in the year 2008. Emergency room visits for Oxycontin use topped 20.000 in 2010. Over 3 million people over the age of 10 have tried Oxy for non medicinal purposes, thus making it one of the most widely used so called "recreational drugs." Thee is truly nothing recreational about the wreckage this drug can wreak on lives, families and whole communities.

In 2008 the statistics show that over 1.8 million 5th graders have tried this dangerously addictive drug. Users have used this drug in a non medical way. Over 3.2 percent of 8th graders have tried this drug, it is estimated and 5.5 percent of high schoolers have tried this drug, and the numbers only continue to grow. It is widely used and widely available to those that may take it for reasons other than for what it was prescribed to do. Many people have used this drug and have become addicted. It is something they may continue to struggle with for years. The numbers of addicts may continue to grow with the wide availability of the drug.

Many people have tried this drug and have found that there are a number of issues with this widely addictive substance. Fortunately, there is help available for those that struggle with Oxycontin abuse and or addiction. There are a number of. There are treatment facilities that specialize in detoxification and rehabilitation for those that struggle with Oxycontin abuse. some offer holistic treatments that range from meditation, and acupuncture to other drug free ways to withdraw users from the substance.

Finding an appropriate clinic is relatively easy to do with the advent of the internet, and the types of searches that can be done for facilities that deal with this ongoing and insidious problem that affects so many consumers nation wide. it is a problem that is quite prevalent for many people in the world. Fortunately, there are clinics available in several states that can be located online. Those who wish to find holistic treatment centers to deal with their Oxy addiction may want to specifically google the terms. They can find the clinic that will work the best for them, or their loved one.

Drug free and holistic rehab centers are probably some of the best ways to deal with these types of addictions. These are some of the most comprehensive treatment measures that individuals can use to treat their addictions. Those who need treatment for oxycontin addiction do have a number of facilities they can choose for help with this addiction. Family members can also find treatment centers that are holistic and drug free and can help individuals not only detox, but find out the triggers that encouraged them to be vulnerable to this insidious addiction in the first place. Oxycontin may be a drug that is easy to start, but getting off the drug can be very difficult so it should only be done under the supervision of professionals, that are experts in opiate treatment and methods of detox and recovery from use.

Holistic treatment for oxycontin dependency can and does exist. It can also be something that individuals can google to find out center locations and other information they need. For those that are struggling with Oxy addiction, help is available.