• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Hydrocodone is the opioid component of Vicodin which is known to cause respiratory depression and other severe adverse reactions including heart failure, heart attack, pulmonary failure, liver or kidney failure, jaundice, amnesia, seizures, blackouts, and coma.
  • Border seizures of marijuana herb made by US authorities at the Mexican border in 2009 totaled over 1,200 metric tons.
  • Hashish users commonly have daily cough and phlegm, symptoms of chronic bronchitis, and more frequent chest colds.
  • Drug abuse and addiction can hasten the progression of HIV and the consequences associated with the disease, particularly in the brain.
  • Aside from the euphoric and pain killing properties of fentanyl, it can produce extreme drowsiness, respiratory depression and arrest, nausea, confusion, sedation, unconsciousness, and coma.
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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Oxycontin is the powerful pain killer that is generally prescribed to patients post surgery, to treat trauma, or to treat any other pain or injuries that they are dealing with. Due to the extreme potency of the drug, the fact that it is going to give patients an euphoric feeling almost instantaneously, and because it treats physical as well as mental pain, makes the medication something that can quickly and easily become a misused and abused drug. In many cases, those who become addicted are generally first prescribed the medication, and tend to overuse it, or use more than is prescribed, due to the fact that they are experiencing extreme pain.

The medication is generally prescribed to cancer patients, or those who suffer from chronic pain or illnesses, where they experience severe pain on a daily basis. As it is one of the most powerful pain relievers available, those who quickly begin overusing and abusing it, will soon need to find different oxycontin addiction treatment options, in order to treat the addiction. When it becomes used more for recreational purposes, and to experience the euphoric high, as opposed to being used for its intended purpose of treating pain, this is when oxycontin addiction treatment has to be sought out by users. Since it is difficult for many people to admit they have a problem or need help, the addiction usually goes on for some time. So, if you are a family member or friend, and notice the use of this medication, you do have to keep an eye on users, to ensure they are only using it as prescribed; if not, it can become extremely addictive and habit forming, in a very short period of time after starting to use the medication.

Oxycontin addiction is an illness, and it usually deals with overuse and compulsive use of the medication, for recreational purposes, when the patient does not need it for pain relief. It can be extremely habit forming, and it usually becomes addictive rather quickly; so, if it is being misused, you have to seek out the right oxycontin addiction treatment options, to ensure you do get the help you are going to need, and proper counseling from the trained professionals, who can help you learn how to lead a life without using the medication. As the medication can affect the body and mind in many different forms, and at different rates depending on the user, it is important to seek out assistance as quickly as you notice there is some kind of habit forming, and when you are using it for more than to treat pain you are dealing with.

The best form of oxycontin addiction treatment, and one of the most sought out treatment options by patients is to check in to an inpatient facility. The use of a holistic approach, where patients are simply taken away from the drugs, and are going to go through the detox, and the entire treatment without any other drugs or medications to help them quit, is the best way to properly treat the addiction. By completely eliminating it from the body, and not introducing any other forms of medication, patients are going to learn that they do not need the drug, or any others, and that they are not as dependent on it as they may first have anticipated. Therefore, the best thing to do is to seek out a holistic treatment center, that uses the most natural approaches towards quitting, and helps their patients fight the urges without having to turn to any other medications to quit.

The sooner you can admit to having a problem, the sooner you can get the proper forms of oxycontin addiction treatment to help you quit. As there are many facilities you can check in to, and various treatment centers, it is important for patients, or family and friends, to find the best ones, to ensure they do get the right treatment from the start. Regardless of how long or how much you abused the medication, it is possible to quit and to get clean, if you admit the problem, and seek out the right forms of oxycontin addiction treatment to help you quit.