• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Crack cocaine users typically feel a rush followed by a sense of alertness and well-being.
  • In most users a mental/physical tolerance to magic mushrooms builds up very quickly.
  • Chronic use of cocaine often leads to malnourishment due to the drugs ability to decrease appetite.
  • The death toll from drug-related overdoses in the U.S. during 2005 was reported to be equivalent to a hundred 757's crashing and killing every person on board.
  • Bath Salts are being sold worldwide on the Internet, and many Bath Salts retailers are known for selling legitimate bath products.
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The Power of Oxycontin Statistics

Facts can be one of the most powerful types of persuasion for some

people. While certain individuals respond well to emotional stimulus, such as a tragic tale told by an individual, other people are more persuaded by hard data. When attempting to deter people from abusing powerful and addictive substances such as oxycontin it is valuable to keep in mind multiple methods of persuasion. For the factually-minded, oxycontin statistics may be the best way to provide potential users with the information they need to make a smart choice regarding the substance they choose to take.

Oxycontin is one of the substances which takes many people by surprise due to its legal status as a prescription drug. Oxycontin statistics show that it can be an effective and wise treatment if used carefully and to the instructions provided by an ethical doctor but it definitely has the potential for abuse and addiction in the wrong hands. The fact that Oxycontin can be obtained from a Doctor rather than from a street dealer means that often its abuse is a seemingly invisible problem, at least in its early stages. Signs of use may be less readily apparent than with other drugs. But oxycontin statistics show that over 31 million citizens of the USA have abused prescription pain pills at some point. Addiction can strike people from all ages, backgrounds and incomes so users should not feel stigmatized in a way which prevents holistic treatment from taking place.

One of the most heartbreaking oxycontin statistics, particularly for parents, is the fact that children as young as the age of 12 have been found to be abusing the pills. Younger people may be at increased risk of abusing Oxycontin compared to other intoxicants. This is due to the fact that it is often easier to obtain prescription medications from within a home than it is to obtain illegal narcotics from a street dealer, particularly for young people. It is vital that parents take steps to ensure their medication is safely stored to avoid either deliberate or accidental access from young people living in the house. Proper storage of prescription painkillers is a great way to stop your family from becoming oxycontin statistics.

The fact that Oxycontin abuse is a real problem which requires tackling can be seen in the tragic statistic that use of oxycontin is increasing year on year. Because Oxycontin is both legal and chemically similar to heroin the potential for widespread addiction is very real. It is therefore vital that awareness of Oxycontin as a substance which can be abused, and the serious consequences of this abuse, are made widely known. One of the best ways to get people to take the problem of Oxycontin abuse seriously is by providing them with the Oxycontin statistics so they can see the facts in black and white for themselves.

Often a large part of dealing with a substance abuse problem is to raise awareness of the issue and hopefully find resources in order to enable treatment for addiction. Oxycontin is no different. The shocking oxycontin statistics relating to the potentially young age of users, the widespread abuse even amongst legitimately prescribed users and the numbers showing that abuse is increasing can all act as wakeup calls to various corners of society. These numbers should make every school sit up and take notice that oxycontin abuse is rife in society and the consequences of it are real and severe. By introducing factual information at a young age regarding the harm of Oxycontin and its addiction potential, young people can make better choices and avoid throwing away their potential to drug dependency.

Another way in which oxycontin statistics can play a valuable role in the war against drug abuse and addiction is by helping to secure resources for programs focusing on Oxycontin abuse awareness and treatment. Often, within local communities, available resources for such programs will be severely limited and statistics can be powerful tools in ensuring that Oxycontin receives the attention it deserves in order to combat its growing usage, particularly amongst young people.

The key thing to remember about oxycontin statistics is they are simply one tool in the arsenal of substance abuse and addiction prevention. Some people will respond better to images while others will find the stats more persuasive. Knowing the statistics, and the tragedies they represent, are valuable weapons in the war on Oxycontin addiction.