• Drug Overdose Facts
  • During 2004, 31.8 million Americans had used prescription pain relievers non-medically in their lifetime.
  • Factors which greatly influence alcohol use are negative moods, feelings of depression, and anxiety disorders.
  • Cocaine was a factor in 422,896 emergency room visits in 2009.
  • Ambien users have sometimes been observed by others performing tasks that would only be undertaken while awake, although they were actually asleep which presents many risks and dangers.
  • About 2 percent of American high school seniors have used heroin at least once in their lifetime, and nearly half of those injected the drug.
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Oxycontin Street Names

Once the drug oxycontin hits the streets, there are different terms and oxycontin street names that are used amongst dealers, users, and buyers. For this reason, if you are a parent, doctor, friend, or anyone who suspects a person you know might be using the drug, it is best for you to understand and learn some of these terms and oxycontin street names they are using, in order to be able to confront and possibly help the user. Due to the fact that many people are not willing to reach out and ask for the help they need, it is up to family members and friends, as well as others who know these individuals, to step in and to confront them about it, in order to ensure they get off the drugs, get the help they need, and get back to recovery and a drug free life before the problem becomes too hard to deal with.

If you hear some of these common oxycontin street names, you might want to learn about what the individuals are doing, who they are around, and ask them about the terms. Some of the more common ones include:

  • ox or os;
  • cotton;
  • kicker;
  • 40, 40-bar, or oxy.

Although each individual uses a variation of these, and other oxycontin street names, these are some of the most common ones you are going to hear amongst long term users, dealers, and individuals who are involved with drugs and street drugs. There are also common terms that are associated with users, as well as the dealers, some of these includes:

  • doctor shopping;
  • pharming; or,
  • pill ladies (referring to elderly individuals who sell their prescriptions to younger users and individuals who are addicted to the drug).

Although these are some of the more common oxycontin street names and terms, there are many others, and there are new terms that are invented on a daily basis by younger individuals and users, as well as their dealers. So, making sure you know what these terms are, and what they refer to, is something that a concerned family member or friend should take note of. If you know what the terms mean, and hear them, you can confront the individual, ask them about use, and inquire as to who and where they are, so that you can help them get the help they need, and the right forms of treatment, so that they can get off the drugs, and the addictive path they are on.

When you do confront the user, you do not want to be demeaning or suggest they are using. Instead, you should be inquisitive, talk to them, and ask questions, rather than blame them, or insult them in any manner, which is just going to push them further away, instead of bringing them closer and wanting to ask for help, which is what your goal is when you are trying to get them to admit to the drug use they are currently associated with. So, proper tone, and making sure you are fully aware of the oxycontin street names they are using, are some things to consider before you confront the individual that you are trying to help, so that you do not offend them or push them further away, as opposed to bringing them closer and wanting to get the help, which is what your main goal is.

When treating the issue, the inpatient, holistic approaches are the best ways to go about the treatment you are going to go with. Not only do they get off the street, and away from the bad influences in their life, but by going through detox, and the treatment without using other drugs or medication, they are getting the most natural and best approaches towards quitting. This is the only true way to ween them off drugs and use, and to show the user they do not need oxycontin, or any other drugs or medication, in order to quit. So, taking the time to find the right facility to treat the addiction, and help the user, is something that you have to consider as a concerned friend or family member, when you are trying to get them off the drugs, and getting them back to a clean drug free life.