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  • As with all opiate drugs, there is a high potential for abuse with fentanyl and so it is a Schedule II narcotic drug which is only available by prescription.
  • A crack rock acts as a local anesthetic which numbs the tongue or mouth when it is directly placed in such an area.
  • In the U.S. GHB is a Schedule l controlled substance and the U.S. government has determined that the drug has a high potential for abuse.
  • Ecstasy users who mix Ecstasy with alcohol while partying are at risk of severe hydration and worsening physical consequences.
  • Around 10 percent of 9 to 10 year olds in the U.S. have started drinking alcohol.
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Meth Addiction and Its Effects

Methamphetamine, or meth as it is commonly referred to by most, is a highly addictive drug which is sold in the form of a white crystalline rock. Those addicted to the drug may find it just as difficult, if not more- to get over than heroin or crack addiction. Nevertheless, it is by far one of the most highly used and abused drugs of the decade, and continues to gain traction as time goes by. Though addiction to this drug can be very debilitating, users find it appealing for many different reasons- unfortunately never seeing the drug for what it really is, until it is much too late.

The Effects of Meth Addiction

For individuals who use meth, addiction comes at a steep price. While many of it's effects can be corrected, some scars left by meth addiction can never be fixed. Those who question whether they are addicted to meth, as well as individuals wondering if their love ones have fallen victim to the drug- will be able to see certain signs of apparent addiction. However, for the most part, if an individual is using the drug for a prolonged period of time, chances are they are addicted- and should do whatever possible, to put an end to it. When looking to determine meth addiction, it is important to pay close attention to the following:

  • Conversation
  • Eyes
  • Teeth
  • Skin
  • Behavior
  • Physical Health
  • Social Health
  • Mental Health
  • Responsibility
  • your senses and your common sense

Meth addiction can cause many changes in the user, making it obvious to those who are aware of the signs of use. This is not to say that help is not available, as this could not be further from the truth. Meth addicts can achieve the same positive results from holistic treatments as any other addict; when the above signs are coupled with meth use, it is time to get help.

Talking Forever

Meth addicts don't simply chat- they chatter. Individuals who are addicted to the drug can go on forever rambling about trivial things- without ever being aware that they're doing it. While they are aware of the conversation, they are oblivious to the fact that they are going on and on- or being quite irritating to the one who is listening. Their conversation is effected not only because of what is being said- how much talking is being done as well.

The Eyes Have It

The pupils of a meth user are usually dilated. Just as with many other addicts, this is a telltale sign of addiction. Though the average person does not think to check the pupils of a meth user, medical professionals often use this as a way of knowing drugs are being used by a patient.

Tooth Decay

The teeth of a meth addict can become decayed overtime; the user eventually falls victim to being a "meth mouth" as it is called by many addicts. Brushing one's teeth just doesn't happen, as most meth addicts are too busy getting high, talking, or doing other compulsive things. They grit their teeth also, with some even using pacifiers to control it. What's more embarrassing - an addict gritting their teeth, or one with a baby's pacifier in their mouth. This is one way which the drug demeans its users' character.

Skin Problems

Speaking of compulsive behavior, the meth addict often picks their skin compulsively. If they don't pick their skin, it can still become infected due to the immune deficiency which meth puts upon its users. Picking the face until it bleeds can leave scars which last forever, making their face a constant reminder of meth use, even long after sobriety begins.

Acting Out

The behavior of a meth addict can be quite disruptive. Meth not only causes compulsive behavior, it also leads to impulsive decisions. There is much less prohibition in making decisions when one is addicted to meth, making the user far more dangerous than normal.

Losing Weight

There are many health effects which come along with meth addiction, one is rapid weight loss. It has been said that women use meth for this reason, without ever thinking about the long term consequences. For the most part however, these addicts lose weight because they do not get proper rest, and eating is often the last thing on their minds. Aside from having it's physical health effects, meth addiction can also cause mental problems.

Mental Health

Meth use can cause depression, once the addict comes down from the drug. Although meth is a stimulant, coming down often causes a depressed mood, which eventually leads the user to seek more. This is not the only mental effect the drug has. Addicts are often unable to express themselves, or focus- making them quite fustrated to say the least. This can last long after sobriety starts- even as long as a year. The good part is once a person gets sober, they are well on their way to becoming who they were mentally.

Social Health

Using meth causes many social problems. In a way, it can be considered one's social health, simply because meth addicts can go without many things which makes one socially acceptable. Jobs often go down the drain with meth use, right along with personal hygiene. Users often lose good friends, and close relationships also. Sex becomes more or less "something to do", as promiscuity is increased. Social health for the meth addict decreases, as meth becomes their one and only friend. Many addicts stay up for days on end, often doing nothing but continuing their high- with or without friends by their side.

Lack of Responsibility

Responsibilities are neglected by almost all addicts, meth addicts included. It's normal for those who fall in love with a drug to forget everything else around them, which makes treatment so important. Getting back who a person once was is quite a task with the meth addict, because for many, letting responsibilities lack and getting high all day seems like the perfect life- until the bottom falls out. Instead of being responsible, many addicts turn to crime to feed their high, making jail a harsh reality.

Using Common Sense

Lastly, meth addiction is one which can be determined with senses, and common sense. In a nutshell- paying attention to one's senses is essential. Pay attention to any odd smell- any strange or odd smells may be a sign that meth is being used. This does not mean investigate a burnt toast, but if you are not used to a certain smell, and you have the notion that meth is being used, investigate. Also, do what comes natural- use common sense. Looking at someone you've known forever will normally let you know if something is out of place. Signs of strange behavior, lacking in personality, and being a sudden misfit can sometimes signal drug addiction. Many times, if you feel it- something is there. Seek help if you're addicted- and if your loved one has a problem, be compassionate but firm, as meth addiction can lead to a dark lonely road, and while some meth addicts suck pacifiers, it does nothing to sooth the scars which come along with the addiction.