• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Americans in the two lower income brackets (less than $9,000 and $9,000-$19,999) report more instances of heavy alcohol use than workers in higher income brackets ($20,000-$39,999, $40,000-$74,999, and $75,000 or more).
  • Individuals who use Ecstasy on a regular basis have reported experiencing a "burnout period " that can last for several days after taking their last dose and is commonly characterized by fatigue, achy muscles, and a noticeable dullness in the users mental process.
  • Individuals who consume a glass of wine daily will typically add 10 pounds each year.
  • Approximately 60% of the people who experienced a deadly drug overdose using pharmaceuticals did not have documented prescriptions for the medications.
  • Ecstasy users who become nauseas risk damaging the lining of their stomach and esophagus as a result of severe vomiting as well as internal bleeding.
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Information about the Signs of Xanax Addiction

Xanax addiction is among the common problems by adults and teens in the United States. There is also an increasing number of people who is becoming addicted to the drug. With a growing percentage of Xanax users, there are serious problems that the society may encounter. Moreover, these people may suffer from extreme physical and psychological problems.

Facts about Xanax Addiction

Some doctors prescribe Xanax to patients because of the potency in relieving pain and discomfort. The substance affects the central nervous system, and it helps a person feel relaxed and calm. A person may instantly feel the effects of the drug, and the relaxing feeling may last for a hour or so. When the pleasurable sensations fade, some people decide to have more doses of the drug that can help fight the pain. Yet, this may be a dangerous action, since it can lead to an overdose on Xanax.

The drug is very addictive, and a few doctors only prescribe it for temporary and instant relief for stress, anxiety and panic. However, some people end up becoming addicted and dependent on the drug. They may even decide to purchase Xanax illegally, so they can have more of the effects of the substance.

Several symptoms are associated with the use of Xanax including frequent sleepiness, poor concentration, lengthy hours of sleep, breathing problems, decreased heart rate, lightheadedness, severe craving for the drug, and mental confusion. Some users may even lose their memory temporarily while others may have disoriented thoughts.

Xanax Overdose

Aside from various health risks, most users of the drug may suffer from an overdose. They may lose their ability to make decisions and their slow reflexes can affect the quality of their work. Those who drive or operate machine may cause serious accidents when they are under the influence of Xanax while they perform these duties.

Several drug abusers will have difficulties concentrating and performing their routines because of various disturbing symptoms. They may become frequently anxious, irritable and nervous. Some people may even experience tremors, seizures and muscle twitching. They may also lose sleep or have problems with sleeping, and this can lead to mood changes.

More Facts about The Drug

Addiction to the substance can cause serious problems not only to the lives of drug users, but to their loved ones, as well. They may want to become secluded from the society, and they may end up acting quite distant from family and friends. When they act in such a manner, it may be very challenging for other people to help these drug addicts.

There are other drug users who act violently, and they may defy the rules just to have more supply of the drug. Some people may look for multiple doctors who can give them a prescription for the drug, while others may fake injuries and take trips to the hospital, so they can have a dose of Xanax. These strange acts are common among drug addicts, and their preoccupation with the substance may affect their relationships with other people.

They may no longer become conscious about hygiene and their appearance, so you may notice that these people tend to look disheveled or disorganized. While their physical appearance and behavior may be evident signs that they need help, they tend to push others away and refuse to seek help.

When these people have become quite addicted to the drug, they will do all they can just to get a hold of the substance. Their aggressive ways can affect their lives and finances. They may be unable to decide wisely when it comes to spending their money, and they will be willing to pay a huge amount even when they are on the brink of suffering from financial problems.

It is not impossible, though, for these people to find the ideal solution for their problems linked with drug abuse. With the right treatment option, these people can overcome the difficulties and symptoms common among those who are dependent on the drug. For instance, a holistic type of therapy or treatment can help these people go back to their normal life. They need counseling and moral support, so they will no longer return to their old habits. With a drug-free form of therapy, any side effects from the medication may also be prevented.