• Drug Overdose Facts
  • Bath Salts have sent 65 people to hospitals in Michigan over the past six months and have caused several overdose deaths in the state.
  • Drinking five alcoholic drinks over the course of two hours may raise the blood alcohol level to 0.10 percent, which is considered to be legally intoxicated in every state.
  • Bath Salts can be purchased online and also found in stores, truck stops and gas stations under names like Zoom 2, Aura, Ivory Wave and White Rush.
  • Common reactions from hashish are hunger and uncontrollable fits of laughter.
  • Anabolic steroids commonly cause adverse effects in women, including, breast reduction and deepening of the voice in women.
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Xanax and the Effects It Has on Those Who Use It

What is Xanax?

Xanax, a benxodiazepine used to treat anxiety has become one of the most widely abused prescriptions drugs of the decade. Belonging to the same family of drugs as Valium, Xanax provides a feeling of calm over those who take it. Although Xanax has been prescribed as a drug for anxiety, it is also given for alcohol withdrawal, and insomnia as well. When prescribed and taken in its correct dosage, Xanax is for the most part a safe drug. However, many addicts have used the drug to enhance their high from other illicit drugs, as well as to achieve the drowsiness of Xanax alone. Regardless of whether the drug is prescribed or used illegally. it tends to be addictive, therefore many medical professionals have shunned away from making it their first choice of treatment.

How it Affects the Brain

Xanax can be easily addictive, as it causes the brain to release a surge of dopamines- the feel good chemicals in the brain which causes intense pleasure. This surge of relaxation causes many to bond with the drug almost immediately, without ever considering the consequences of prolonged use. Addiction to Xanax can include physical and emotional dependence, even after short term use. Withdrawals from the drug can include seizures as well, therefore one should take caution before they stop taking the drug- and if prescribed be sure to consult with your physician.

Why Is Xanax Being Used Illegally?

If there is a street corner where drug dealing is going on, chances are someone's got Xanax for sale. While individuals are made to pay approximately five dollars per pill or more, they continue to buy anyway. Because of the opiate like effects which Xanax has on those who consume it, heroin addicts are particularly drawn to it. For those who use cocaine, Xanax can act as a downer, bringing down an erratic uncontrolled high, or simply acting as a balancer- to even out cocaine's "speeding" effects.

What Not to Do When Taking Xanax

Alcohol should not be consumed by anyone who is taking Xanax; drinking can add to the effects which Xanax has on the central nervous system, making the body completely slow, or shut down. Grapefruit- the fruit or juice that is, should not be consumed while taking the drug either. Smoking decreases the amount of Xanax in the blood, so depending on how you look at it- smoking may or may not be a good thing for Xanax users. Making sure to speak with one's doctor concerning any drug use is important, as Xanax can combine with other drugs to make a lethal mix.

Effects of Xanax Use

For individuals who take Xanax illegally, it is important to know the signs of an overdose; as with any drug, Xanax should only be used by those for whom it was prescribed.The following are effects which Xanax can have on the body, when taken in prescribed as well as illegal doses.

  • 1. Physical disturbances- drowsiness, fatigue, fainting, dizziness,
  • 2. Mental/Neurological disturbances- memory problems or lightheaded incoherence, irritability, appetite changes, sex changes,incoordination, involuntary movements
  • 3. Digestive/gastrointestinal disturbances- diarrhea, vomiting
  • 4. Problems with Senses- ear ringing, vision problems
  • 5. Respiratory/ Cardiovascular Issues- heart palpitations, breathing problems
  • 5. Other Internal Disturbances- bladder problems, fluid retention

Death of course is always an ultimate effect from any drug, but the above are commonly reported effects. Experiencing any of these can be effects of taking Xanax, however for symptoms which are troublesome or persistant it is important to act immediately by consulting with a physician, or calling your local emergency service- whichever is the most plausible.

Seeking Help for Addiction

Addicts enjoy the effects of Xanax for reasons far more selfish than that of those prescribed the drug. Simply talking to someone who is illegally using Xanax may not be quite enough. Seeking treatment however, is the best course of action to rid one's life of the overprescribed and abused drug. Never be afraid to admit you've become addicted to a prescribed medication such as Xanax, even patients can become addicted; addicts who buy this drug on the street need not be fearful of seeking help either. Although Xanax is not considered a narcotic, it is highly addictive, and should be taken with caution. Seeking treatment for addiction is the best way to take back your life, and begin living again.