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  • Infants born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome often have smaller heads and brains, some degree of mental retardation, poor coordination, hyperactivity and abnormal facial features.
  • About 46 million adults have used both alcohol and tobacco in the past year, and over 6 million adults report both an alcohol dependence and dependence to nicotine.
  • Crystal meth puts the body in "overdrive", ready for fight or flight syndrome, increased pulse, blood pressure, respiration, and temp., and dilate pupils.
  • Alcoholism and alcohol dependence are characterized by a strong craving for alcohol, and/or continued use despite harm or personal injury.
  • Females who use anabolic steroids over an extended period of time can begin to have serious problems with their menstrual cycles due to the fact that these drugs disrupt the maturation and the release of eggs from the ovaries.
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Things You Must Know About Xanax Abuse And Addiction

Xanax or alprazolam is commonly prescribed by the doctors for tackling disorders caused due to anxiety and panic. It is also used for treating nervous tension resulting from depression. This drug is helpful for the individuals who have difficulty in maintaining a positive perspective when unfavorable circumstances arise.

Xanax impacts that portion of the brain which controls the thought process. It retards the brain's capacity to react to the negative circumstances. When the drug is abused, the brain becomes accustomed to the chemicals released by Xanax and it functions normally only when a dose of the drug has been administered. The xanax statistics clarify that prolonged use of this drug causes serious addiction.

What is Xanax addiction?

Normally, Xanax is prescribed by the medical practitioner for the patients only for a limited period of time. However, the calming and relaxing effect that this drug renders results in its abuse.

Some patients keep on using the drug regularly beyond the period recommended by their health practitioners. The continuous use of the drug causes the body to develop tolerance to it. This forces the abuser to keep increasing the dose of Xanax for getting the same effect. He does not take the drug for treating any condition anymore but to fulfill his cravings for the drug. This is Xanax addiction.

The xanax statistics prove that this drug holds second position on the list of highly addictive prescription drugs.

Overdose of Xanax

One of the critical side-effects of Xanax addiction is overdose. This condition can even cause death. The indications that the abuser has taken an overdose include fainting, coma, difficulty in breathing, excessive weakness and poor balance. The xanax statistics manifest that Xanax overdose is quite common among the youth.

Xanax addiction indications

The addiction of this drug induces extreme sleepiness. Irregular heartbeat is evident. The abuser shows alterations in his temperament. He is depressed and resorts to aggression easily.

The xanax statistics clearly indicate that many users do not even realize that they have developed an addiction to the drug.

How Xanax addiction affects the life of the addict

Contrary to the addict's belief, the addiction casts a negative impact on not only his life but affects everyone with whom he is related.

- Poor environment at home

The domestic environment becomes highly disturbed if there is an addict in the family. If a parent has Xanax addiction, the child goes through a tense period in his life. His relation with the parent suffers. The spouse who is sober finds it difficult to lead a normal life as he has to handle the family chores and responsibilities single-handedly.

- Finances suffer

The addiction makes the abuser seek Xanax frequently. Since his career suffers due to the addiction, he uses manipulation to extract money from his family and friends. His debts rise.

When his acquaintances stop giving into his manipulative tactics, he may resort to illegal activities like theft to satisfy his Xanax cravings. The xanax statistics expose how the addiction forces the abusers to get involved in criminal activities.

- Violent behavior causing poor social image

Xanax addict shows violent behavior while he is high on the drug or while the effect is withdrawing. During both phases, the addict is prone to demonstrate physical and verbal aggression in response to a little or no provocation. Since he is depressed and nurtures hostile thoughts about the individuals around him, he loses friends and well-wishers.

- Changes in life goals

Xanax addiction alters the priorities in the addict's life. For him, his children, spouse, parents, relatives and friends do not matter anymore. His career loses its importance. He does not care about his future. He lives just to seek the drug so that he could feel normal.

Xanax withdrawal symptoms

Being a central nervous system depressant, this drug provides relaxation and an euphoric feeling instantly. It is addictive and produces distressing withdrawal symptoms when the abuser stops taking it all of a sudden. Hence, its dosage should be slowly reduced so that the body can adjust to a lower dosage without causing serious reactions.

The withdrawal symptoms can manifest in the form of depression and loss of memory. The xanax statistics support that heart palpitations also experience by the patients.

Xanax addiction treatment

The sooner the treatment of the abuser begins, the better it is. As the duration of the addiction increases, the chances of the abuser returning to abstinence grow weaker. In extreme cases, the patient fails to recover or even if he recovers, he suffers from serious medical complications. The xanax statistics show that friends can motivate the abuser in recovering from the addiction.