• Drug Overdose Facts
  • About 9% of adults in the United States met the criteria for an alcohol use disorder; whereas 2% met the criteria for a drug use disorder and 1.1% met the criteria for both.
  • Because of the effect that Vicodin has on the body, the risk of both physical and psychological dependence to the drug is extremely high.
  • Alcohol addiction programs, which include peer counseling, enhancing adolescents coping skills, and alcohol education has proven to be effective among American Indians.
  • GHB withdrawal effects that can include: insomnia, anxiety, vertigo, seizures, vomiting and sweating.
  • Ecstasy was first synthesized in 1914 by a drug company in Germany called Merck.
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Xanax Street Names

Although xanax is a prescription medication that is generally given to patients to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and stress disorder, the addiction that stems from users is fairly high. Since many individuals who suffer this condition will learn to rely on the medication to help them feel calm and secure, it can quickly and easily lead to addiction if they do not properly control use, and make sure to control how often they use the medication. If you know anyone who takes this medication, learning some of the common xanax street names, will help you learn if they are using the prescription recreationally. Although a prescription is needed, it is quite easy to get your hands on from street vendors, and therefore it becomes something that can easily be used for recreational use over time. As xanax is a very dependant drug, it is possibly one of the ones that becomes most highly abused by users after a prolonged period of use.

Learning some of the common xanax street names and terms will help you spot possible abuse with individuals you might know. Some of the common terms include:

  • alprozolam (which is the generic name for the medication);
  • z bars (bars- white pills);
  • school bus (yellow pills);
  • footballs (blue pills);
  • handle bars;
  • white boys, white girls; or,
  • bicycle parts.

Of course the color depends on the type of pill being used, and which form of the prescription medication the user is trying to get a hold of when purchasing it on the street market. So, knowing as many of these xanax street names and terms as possible is the best way to learn about addiction, purchase from street vendors, and the possible abuse that someone you care about is currently involved in.

There are of course other terms, depending on regions, who the dealers are, and what coined phrases have been given to xanax in any local market. It is important to note this use and abuse as quickly as possible, as there are different potencies, and the dependency can happen rather quickly, especially with the stronger forms of the medication, which is generally sold by the street vendors. So, if you feel that someone you know and love might be addicted, and using the medication for recreational purposes, it is important to confront them immediately, and to get as much information as possible, so that you can get on board to finding them the help and treatment they are going to need to get clean.

The use and abuse of xanax is quite common, and therefore there are hundreds of facilities and inpatient centers around the US that patients who need help to fight their addiction can check in to. Since there are so many facilities, when choosing one, it is best to find one that deals with prescription medication addiction, and uses a holistic approach to helping patients with these addictions towards getting clean. Since the facility has highly qualified staff, and people who know how to deal with prescription drug abuse, they are going to be the best place to turn to, when trying to get clean and stop using the medication for recreational purposes. And, by choosing one that uses a holistic approach to quitting, patients are going to have to go through detox without any other forms of medication, which is the best way to get them off the dependency, and feeling as if they need some form of pills to get through their day.

With so many users and abusers ,it is possible to find a great local facility in your area when you are trying to deal with a xanax abuse issue. It is important to take care of the problem as soon as you learn of it, as the medication is potent, and the dependency does happen almost instantaneously. The sooner you can get the help, get off the medication, and get back to leading your day without the use, the sooner you can get clean. Whether it is you, or someone you love and want to help, you have to find the best facilties to turn to when trying to deal with addiction, and helping drug users get clean without using other forms of medication or drugs.